Felix felicis day in the park

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I'd like to share the great day I have on friday. Hoping it will to brighten someone's day and for isolated players they can play vicariously thru others.

I needed a bit of distance from my family so on friday I went out on my own to walk and play WU.

I have a large safe park to play in. It is close. It allows a lot of physical distancing and going there is still safe and legal.

The park has about 6 inns 2 fortresses and 3 greenhouses, and a large long walking path.

Bonus the weather was partly sunny and warm 50F (this time of year in MN that is a blessing, we could just a easily still get X feet of snow)

Any way, yes i'm a bit tangenty lately bare with me or not.

Again any way got a 4km walk 2 portkeys. Returned a lot of foundables.

I was able to place the giants helm bronze page WoWW. Returned 4 mandrakes, and a foe glass.

Placed the Erkling on my gold oddities page, Placed the snitch on the bronze MGaS page

OOOhhhh yeah I place my LAST flock of interdepartmental Memos!!! That completed another gold page

Got a monster book of monsters and a few acromatula eggs. Still hunting those to finish that gold page

Then i got a Grawp on the 1st shot!

2 Firenses successfully returned. Still need lots-who doesn't IKR?

and 4 Buckbeaks. This park is a CoMC flag.

and to avoid wasting the dawdle drafts and exstimulos i was using for the oh wow i need those traces i'd hop into the fortress for some solo time!

and wow fortressing was great too!!!!!!! I finally got the last to house cup foundables in 9 3/4. Got to prestige that page to bronze!!! Love that that page is prestiged! Now the foundable count again!! but ugh 14 McGonagals! then i got Hagrid's hut, several puffskeins.

WARNING INCOMING TANGENT- i just noticed the spelling of puffskein- skein like yarn (not skin like i thought)...I wonder if I can find puffskein yarn by the skein!!!!- More magizoology research YAY. Does one comb or shave a puffskein for wool? and how many puffskeins does it take to make a skein of yarn? @Milliebob13 do you know?

OHH and other discussion thread what would you **** of skeins of puffskein yarn?

Tangent over.....

Now back to fortress foundables, another house cup, a couple of wild boar portraits, a triwizard cup, lots of centaur bows ( at 14/80 ) and horned serpent eggs (15/80). Lots of fortresses. I played all levels from ruins chamber 1 to forrest 3 also was playing runestones **** nilly. Placed 1 book on 1 of my gold book page and made lots of progress in challenge images.

Wow this post is starting to resemble one from @AuroraKadavra 😘Hope you're well hun!

Bonus lots of gifts to share. whispers very softly 4 extravagant runestone gifts.

Finally since I put this under tips and tricks not knowing where else to put it.

Tip-one of our local players swears by softly whispering your requests to your phone and making sure to thank it and the game!

whispers softly to the game, the HPWU team, and my phone... thank you so much for my felix felicis day

Hope you enjoyed this and that you have great day soon too.

Be safe and be well.



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    #230 March, 2020, 04:32 pm.

    In fact i didn't play much that last 2 days because i was afraid to push my luck and the weather was too cold and rainy, and only a little snowy

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    #331 March, 2020, 12:14 am.

    That’s an awesome day, Congrats! I’m stuck at home and getting bored by the minute. Now I’m sitting here thinking of random words that could go in the places that the mod bot has starred out in your post. 😄

  • OwlxOwlx Posts: 918 ✭✭✭✭✭
    #431 March, 2020, 12:40 am.


    I just saw all the stars.

    Puffskein yarn....what you you make or create with skein of puffskein yarn.

    Will E Nill E

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    #531 March, 2020, 12:42 am.


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    #602 April, 2020, 08:56 am.

    Lol @Owlx just came on the forum cos was finally getting chance to catch up on discord too- how are my days STILL so busy when in lockdown!?

    Anyway, so I typed my essay- went to notifications which led me to here with the tag saying about my essays! 😂 I think u actually may have beaten me hon! Lol

    But yours is lovely- and I was with u every step of the way through that great day!!

    Don't you find that some days work like that? It's just epic and everything falls into place! I come home with a beaming smile cos I've had a fantastic potter & lots placed. Other days the game seems to hate me and nearly everything departs, get zilch from fortress and I spit my dummy out and come home throwing myself to the sofa with a hmph and folded arms like a surly teen!! 😂

    The kids ask what's wrong & I go into the details & they nod & make the appropriate 'ooh that sounds awful' faces- then look at each other just to confirm - 'she has lost it hasn't she!?' Looks with each other.

    Then I run out & play next day determined to do better! Lol.

    I wish i could have been with you on your day 😊

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    #702 April, 2020, 04:06 pm.

    Wow @Owlx ! Your post made my day. What fantastic results you had! Simply amazing!! You had an amazing run there! Way to go!!

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