Achievement for Completing a Trace in 2 Countries

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I’m not sure when this achievement was added so it may not apply, but I play the game in the US, France, the Netherlands, and the United **** Emirates last August/September. Has this always been available? Does it only apply to new traces that have not been seen before? I have Brilliant Hogwarts Gates from Dubai.

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'Visit x Countries' task has been disabled until further notice.


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    #216 April, 2020, 01:03 am.

    Complete a trace in two countries is locked. From the point that this game launched I played in the following countries: Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland and Luxembourg, not sure if I played in Belgium but I was there too. This all took place from end of June till the end of July. This should be verified through entries in my registry. Any idea why it is still locked? Once upon a time it was not because it had a gold heart. Not sure what changed. 

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    They disabled the achievement in July due to abuse (people could cheat to complete the achievement).

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    I have a similar issue with my app. I can’t achieve Countries visited anymore. I achieved part I and then part II disappeared, and also I couldn’t have my badge in my ministry ID. What can I do? I’ve reinstalled the app and I have nothing.

    Please Help! What’s wrong?

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