Beat the Foes but Lost the Challenge

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I was playing in a fortress today trying to build up some challenge xp. I usually save up some potions and do a couple high level chambers to get more xp. I was in a dark chamber and it was rough, but I used lots of potions and I was getting it done. The last foe I defeated with 1 second left and it showed the animation of him flying back having been beat. It stuttered in the middle of the animation and then said that I had been defeated due to running out of time. I lost all my potions, my runestone, and my time because apparently you haven't beat someone until the animation is over?! I've lost several fortress battles while trying to cast my last spell, and that's on me. But this time I actually beat him in time! So what gives?!



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    #228 March, 2020, 09:08 pm.

    I am so sorry @SquibintheNorth And that has happened to me a couple of times too and it is hard pill to **** and the first time it happened I had gone through like 50 SE and a dozen potions and boom lost it. Almost threw out my phone. The only recommendation I can give is maybe go down a level in the fortress until you complete more lessons on your skill tree. You will get there!

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