What is the reason for seeing the same foundables after returning them?

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So why do we continue to see the same foundables after returning all their parts?

The game-play reason is "obvious" -- to have something to do. Otherwise, you will have returned them all, and then what?

The story reason, aka the "If you were actually in this world, working for the SOS", then ... what?

Once you've returned all 10 fragments of so-and-so, why do you keep seeing them?

Once you've returned that poor circus "performer" back to the past, whether for their benefit, or the benefit of those here and now, why does it still show up?

There doesn't seem to be any real rhyme or reason ... other than


(other than that Constance is constantly keeping an eye on you and adjusting what her master mistress spell is doing! bwa-ha-ha!)


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