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We are, as a whole, relatively caring beings on this forum. Just like siblings, we can tend to poke, prod, and annoy each other at times, especially as we are required to turn to indoor activities to keep us and our loved ones safe. The relative closeness of the group is not a closed or limited membership thing, it is open with as many of us replying to questions and queries as best we can.

For new members coming in, welcome! Come enjoy this forum with us, come get to know a community who enjoys a (sometimes) frustrating game, and who enjoys lively conversations surrounding the world of Harry Potter.

If you are here to vent, PLEASE, search for the topic you are venting about. you might be surprised to see that we have a number of posts involving our own rants in that area. We also may have a ton of thought out (sometimes really well thought out) ways to fix or alter gameplay that the devs have on occasion taken into account and implemented.

As we all go through this lockdown feeling cooped up like fire-breathing chickens , try to temper your fire so as not to singe your neighbors feathers. We are all on this blue marble together and must be responsible for our own actions, our own deeds, and our own words. The game and the virus are both in their infancy and have growing to do (the former for good, the latter hopefully will cede soon). So please, re-read before sending, bring positivity and good into the forum and it will be returned in kind. We aren't just one being pitted against the world, we should instead be Wizards United!

With that I'd like to also leave a link to an online British Library exhibit of the world of magic and Harry Potter. I think it's pretty cool that the librarians set this up to help keep boredom at bay!



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    #226 March, 2020, 01:27 am.

    This is incredible @Bormacska. Everything was very well-said. Wands up! ⚡️

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