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Regarding the number of books we receive from leveling up the Challenge Registry. At a certain level can the number of books we receive increase? Because I feel I am doing more for less reward. Especially during these times it is becoming difficult to visit towers and binge run. Also we cannot form teams to go down farther to get the exp needed for the next level up and the next few red books. I have enough green books to start my next career however scrapping together 2 red ones of the 176 more I need has become increasingly difficult and problematic.

Just wondering.



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    #226 March, 2020, 04:48 am.

    Hello and welcome! Not sure if you’ve tried searching the forum, there are a number of posts/comments discussing red books. Of course, your search may have brought up too many results not all addressing your question. In short, the book reward does not increase. Even at max rank (150), you still get 2 red books each time you re-rank. It’s a frustrating aspect of the game for many, especially solo players. You may have also noticed the challenge xp required to rank increases the higher rank you earn. You are indeed working harder for the same reward. At the max rank, the xp needed also caps out (at 3770). I’m afraid that’s the best part about it, that eventually the xp required stops increasing. If you’re interested in reading previous threads about red books, just search for it, and maybe you’ll find some useful tips.

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    Thank you,

    I am aware of the fact that the number of books acquired per rank stays the same, and as a solo player, yes this is very frustrating. I was just wondering if it would be possible to tweak the game feature to increase the number of books it dishes out based upon your rank level in Challenges (Or is this the wrong forum for that)?

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    @Quealia the lack of red books has been discussed many times before including what you are suggesting, but the situation used to be worse. The game developers did respond by increasing red books in event prizes and also made it easier to level up challenge registry rank by increasing the number of challenge xp rewarded in fortresses. Doing higher fortress levels with higher level runes now does reward more xp compared to previously.

    I know these times are hard though, since many of us are stuck at home and can’t visit fortresses, greenhouses and inns. The developers have responded by making it easier to play from home with spell energy on the ground and increased foundables when using trace tonics, as well as making it easier to do events from home.

    I’m not sure if they will do anything regarding increasing red books earned from levelling up or not, but they might make it slightly easier to get red books some other way temporarily, while we’re stuck at home. No idea, but I’m hopeful.

    Whether they do or not, its best to follow the given advice and stay safe in these times. If that means staying at home, then best to stay at home. Hopefully as time goes by things will get better and back to normal, but this is a game and your personal health comes first.

    Take care.

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    Hello @Quealia and what a unique name. I love it!! I totally feel your pain. I am at like rank 140 and need 2900 points per level to get two red spell books. I am a magizoo and need like 65 more to complete the current lesson plan. The one good thing is as you rank up in whatever profession you are the fortress battles become easier and easier. I can do Forrest three or four most of the time without using a single potion. So there is the silver lining.

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