Can we please request fortresses/inns?

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in Brilliant Events #1 latest comment 25 March, 2020, 09:57 pm.

I understand that the rules are that we can’t request for map changes unless we are high level in Pokémon go or that other game I currently don’t remember the name of.

But truly desperate times call for truly desperate measures. In my town, malls are closed and parks are currently “dangerous” to visit, because not everyone is practicing social distancing like they should be (some think it’s a joke and over-reaction). So getting to a Fortress is, all things considered: dangerous.

I heard that Niantic isn’t allowing for full on changes when it comes to certain tasks, like visiting inns and getting items through fortresses.... so may we ask for an alternative?

If Niantic won’t budge on that, could we please be allowed to request fortresses and inns in places that don’t have them, but that we KNOW to be safer? Without having to go through pokego/other game people. Could we just be allowed to request it through here?

I absolutely see that the HPWU team is doing one heck of a job trying to change things to keep us safer, so please don’t misunderstand this post. You guys are absolutely amazing and thank you for fighting for us!! But if we could directly request these things, it would help a lot of people. Especially the ones living in rural areas. I hope this is an alternative that could be considered, especially since it doesn’t mess with any of the other games. Would love to know if this is possible at all @HPWUTeam

also, this would be a nice place to have a fortress.



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    #225 March, 2020, 03:48 pm.


    Hi and glad to hear you are safe and well.

    I second the idea for Wizards unite wayfarers! Recently started playing POGO with my child.

    This would be a great idea to help while we are all under various degrees of quarantine.

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    #325 March, 2020, 08:13 pm.

    I wish there were an easier way to request them period. Having to download an entirely different app just to make a request that may not even get approved is ridiculous, and the vast majority of us don't live near anything.

  • JulieJubzJulieJubz Posts: 640 ✭✭✭✭✭
    #425 March, 2020, 09:57 pm.

    @CBG92 yeah, this would be a really good way to go about it. Also, I have friends that play the other two games, but whenever we mention this kind of stuff, they get really tired, because everyone showers them with this kind of request. So it’s totally a way to not make players of the other games uncomfortable too! Here’s hoping for the best!!

    @Owlx always missing you guys and all the wonderful times we’ve had in this forum ❤️❤️❤️

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