Circus Calamitous Part 2 Details

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Hey everyone! We have details of the Circus Calamitous Part 2 Event to share!

There will be six new Foundables on the Circus Arcanus Backstage Registry Page.

Here is where you can find them:

  • Brilliant Encounters: Brilliant Nagini and Brilliant Kappa
  • Wizarding Challenges with Brilliant Runestones: Candy Floss Stand 🍭
  • Quest Rewards: Firedrakes and Clown
  • Portkey Rewards: Oni Poster

Start clearing your Portkey vault to pick up Brilliant Portmanteaus, which will be 1.5KM. As a reminder, Part 1 Portkeys will give you part 1 rewards anytime you open them, even if you wait to open them during Part 2.

There will be a Bonus Assignments that follow the main tasks, best of luck! Remember to pick up your complimentary store pack from Diagon Alley 🎁

Players: Please remember to adhere to local rules and regulations, and be respectful of your surroundings and of others nearby.



  • CBG92CBG92 Posts: 65 ✭✭
    #221 March, 2020, 03:20 am.

    Looking good! Thank you for all the extra changes. So many of us here appreciate everything you guys are and have been doing to keep things fun in a rough time like this

  • KeybounceKeybounce Posts: 338 ✭✭✭
    #321 March, 2020, 03:55 am.

    Grumble. The details of the tasks have been posted on the fan discord that has no official connection to WB / Portkey / Niantic, but not here? ...

    Ok, so other players, not anyone official, posted the information from Orange Wizard.


    You have explicit separate tasks for visiting inns, and for picking spell energy off the ground.


    1: Make tonic for trace detection increase the appearence of drops, including spell energy. Right now, it is very possible to live in a dry spot.

    2: ... Why? It's bad enough that the daily is not "Gain spell energy twice from any source", why do you have explicitly both inns and map, but not greenhouses?

    (I live near a pair of GH's. Inns require driving. Map spawns have been increasing, but are still noticeably less around my house than downtown.)

  • Digdet315Digdet315 Posts: 2 ✭✭
    #621 March, 2020, 10:49 am.

    Devs: you need to remove the requirement to visit inns otherwise this task will have a body count. The safest place for people to be is at home, and the vast majority of us are not in range of an inn. To encourage people, and many players are children, to leave their homes and visit inns is the height of irresponsibility.

    If this task continues with the inn visit requirement, everyone should boycott the game. I will.

  • Dewin99Dewin99 Posts: 462 ✭✭✭✭
    #721 March, 2020, 11:12 am.

    @Digdet315 Welcome to the forum. Might I suggest that you simply avoid the task, and do the ones that you feel safe to complete.

    With regards to boycotting the game, that’s entirely up to you. It is just a game after all.

  • Digdet315Digdet315 Posts: 2 ✭✭
    #921 March, 2020, 12:51 pm.

    Like many players, I have my kids at home - in fact they play the game with me. We’re very proud that we’ve completed every brilliant event since we started. But I will not be setting the appalling example that it is acceptable to take any degree of unnecessary risk to go out and visit inns for a silly game. Why don’t the devs just replace the task? Why make people make that choice? It’s irresponsible

  • Dewin99Dewin99 Posts: 462 ✭✭✭✭
    #1021 March, 2020, 02:36 pm.

    Maybe they will change it, they did change the ‘fight your highest Fortress Chamber’ last time.

    I advocate patience.

  • HoyotHoyot Posts: 36 ✭✭
    #1121 March, 2020, 05:47 pm.

    Please, remove the requirement to visit inns!

  • KeybounceKeybounce Posts: 338 ✭✭✭
    #1222 March, 2020, 04:37 am.

    I know Fazes said on Discord that the Dev team wouldn't budge on inns, which really sucks.




    The development team, aka programmers, balancing experts, etc., should not be making some decisions.

    They should be given a case of "This is the type of game we want you to make", possibly with several rounds of "Here's a prototype", "What about making this change", back and forth, until the people at Warner Brothers and Portkey (which as I understand is currently just a placeholder shell for Warner Brothers' IP for the franchise) agree on it.

    Any sort of significant decision about what the game should do is something that Portkey, as the official licensor/owner, should sign off on.

    If you are letting the game developers make design/content decisions like this?

    This is something that belongs to people who represent the brand. Remember, once Disney realized how people were reacting to the "Pay to unlock" on their star wars game, they took over and changed how EA was pricing / doing this. That's a classic example of where the game developers should not be making design decisions.

    How about this: Ask anyone at WB that is responsible for the Harry Potter brand if they want their game associated with a "Must leave home and go out into the world" task at this point in time. Or ask anyone at Portkey if they want their game to be subject to the bad press that will come out if someone gets sick while doing this and tries to sue, only to find that the headline is something like "Big Business forces players to get sick to progress in a game".

    (Then, consider the daily "must visit an inn and a tower" task while you're at it.)

  • Magpie31Magpie31 Posts: 433 ✭✭✭✭
    #1322 March, 2020, 05:03 am.

    @Keybounce I don't appreciate you shouting at me like that. It is rude, antagonistic and I am pretty sure it violates the terms of the community forum.

    I simply passed on the message that was posted on the Discord channel, and that certainly isn't grounds for attack.

  • KeybounceKeybounce Posts: 338 ✭✭✭
    #1422 March, 2020, 05:09 am.

    I wasn't shouting at you.

    I was expressing complete shock and "what are they thinking" towards the people in charge of this game.

  • OriginalCarusoOriginalCaruso Posts: 399 ✭✭✭✭
    #1522 March, 2020, 07:37 am.

    @Keybounce - I have read the above posts a couple of times and can see why @Magpie31 thinks you are shouting at her

    May I suggest you re-read your post as a recipient might understand the content?

    I’m not having a go at you. Acknowledging your Aspergers as a fellow, blunt messages cause blunt trauma and in some part your post is unclear in whom it is addressed to

    I hope this helps

  • fourplus4fourplus4 Posts: 2 ✭✭
    #1622 March, 2020, 04:57 pm.

    While portkeys can be completed at a later date it seems that the requirement to visit 3 inns could be very tricky / unsafe / impossible for many at this time. Please reconsider this task in particular

  • KeybounceKeybounce Posts: 338 ✭✭✭
    #1722 March, 2020, 05:28 pm.

    I have decided that 100% completion is no longer as important as 100% safety.

    I will no longer be faking reasons to go out of the house (even staying in the car with the windows up) just for an inn and fortress. I'll be leaving those undone most of the time, and probably not finishing part 2 and beyond.

    I suspect that if more people follow suit, maybe that will convince the people at Portkey that this is a bad idea.

    Someone on the discord mentioned that sponsors paying for sponsored inns and fortresses might be one of the decision factors to keep encouraging these visits. Not knowing any of the details of these advertising contracts (including durations), it would not be fair to do a boycott. But maybe a massive drop would indicate something to someone?

  • OriginalCarusoOriginalCaruso Posts: 399 ✭✭✭✭
    #1822 March, 2020, 06:40 pm.

    Everything is being hit by the coronavirus - I doubt the telcos will be overly concerned as their competitors are in the same position

  • CharlyHCD467CharlyHCD467 Posts: 1 ✭✭
    #2122 March, 2020, 08:08 pm.

    +1 with other people on this event.

    Iit seems that, on tasks 2 for Circus Calamitous part 2, we need to "dine at inns 3 times".

    WB, NIA: you know lots of countries are under lockdown for Coronavirus crisis, this is the case in mine. We can go outside only to buy necessary food, with a written authorization and police makes controls.

    I don't intend to quit my house before 8 days, and I don't want to put other people at risk if I'm ill without symptoms, by going outside - or just drive staying in my car and risk a fine - only to active 3 inns ! Many other players will be blocked at task 1/4...

    All the other things, including classic foundables normally in fortress (in bonus rewards), can be done at home, please change this one to let us play - I won't try to exceed the law and risk someone's health for a game...

    You did a very great job with many improvements (like spell energy on the ground) and make all other tasks for Circus Calamitous possible at home, many thanks for that - why keeping only this one which requires to go outside (except for lucky players who have an inn at home) ?!

    Do you really want HPWU and your company being associated with people breaking sanitary requirements (there will be some unconscious players) just to do one action which can be easily replaced by another ?

    Portkeys aren't a problem as we can pick them and walk later, they will still deliver the foundable and allow to complete the registry page, but please consider cancelling the Inns !

  • DeltaDCDeltaDC Posts: 1
    #2222 March, 2020, 08:34 pm.

    Please don’t require people to venture out to Inns. Or make some portkeys (maybe.25 km) that transport wizards to Inns.

    While you’re at it, how about portkeys that transport wizards to Fortresses so we can fulfill daily challenges?

  • TwinGypsyTwinGypsy Posts: 54 ✭✭
    #2323 March, 2020, 12:34 pm.

    Nothing like a Peruvian vipertooth in the morning! I encountered 4 while planting ingredients to stock up on for my trip tomorrow to take my kiddo home. Super excited for part 2! Nerd alert, I told my hubs that I had to go plant lovage, scurvygrass, within 15 minutes of my pick up time for my leaping toadstools. And then need to be available to pick them up lol, and an hour to pick up wormwood!!! Funny, he's so used to it, I don't even get an eyebrow raise. My 12 year old daughter just rolled her eyes at me in that typical teenage way🤣 & says "Oh my Gawwwd mom, seriously?" I responded with: "Shut it child. Miss Tik tok Queen who plays fortnight & mine craft".

    No response to that one...Hmmmmmm I WIN🏆

    Have to fly with her to take her back home tomorrow, not looking forward to it, but... Not to worry--I'm taking proper precautions & making sure to keep my distance etc. I'm literally turning around after we land, say goodbye & walking to the gate literally next door & flying back home same day.... Thru Chicago O'Hare (cringe). Bright side-at least has tons of fortresses, inns & GH's to occupy myself on 2 separate three hour layover overs. Twill be a 15 hour day of travel.


  • KeybounceKeybounce Posts: 338 ✭✭✭
    #2423 March, 2020, 01:38 pm.

    @ClairabusGryff You misunderstand, actually.

    There are plenty of people that have mentioned that they go out while staying in their car, to do the dailies, visit fortresses, etc.

    I have two issues here: One, I'm a completionist, and two, I have higher-than-normal addiction factors. I don't have a problem being addicted to a tool that gets me to walk in the park under normal circumstances. Realizing that I was faking reasons to go out just to spin an inn and visit a fortress for 10 coins when it would be cheaper to buy them than just the gas alone for the trip (never mind the car wear) is crazy.

    I don't think I'm alone in being a completionist. And I've seen people saying that they are going out while staying in their car.

    WB/Portkey did not make the inns a part 4 task, nor a bonus task. They made it a part 2 task. Fine, I will simply not complete this task. And, I'm saying that I'm no longer going to make up reaons to go out just for the dailies.

    I've got things to do monday and tuesday morning, but that's before the 11 am start on tuesday, and nothing on the schedule for the next week. So I'm just accepting that I won't get the restricted books this half month.

    At the same time, I'm simply saying that if people stop faking reasons to go to inns, and Portkey sees the inn visitation rate drop, maybe they will reconsider things. They still have the inn tasks, so clearly they think that enough people go to inns. This is actually a good way to think about it -- they know enough people go to inns, so we've got a good indication that there are still a lot of people not staying at home for one reason or another.

    Food? I've got 2 weeks worth. I'm not planning on letting it go dry before I try to get more, but I'm also going to use the pre-order pickup on my next trip.

  • ClairabusGryffClairabusGryff Posts: 694 ✭✭✭✭
    #2523 March, 2020, 05:20 pm.

    @Keybounce i get what you are saying now. I think we are in unprecedented times and no one really knows how to operate. And I am speaking on a myopic, corporate, and government level. Let alone a game that is social based. So I guess we all just have to roll with it and adjust as that is all we really can do. We just need to all try to help each other and acclimate to the daily changing model of life. It will be harder on everyone if we fight it. For me the game is the few minutes I can shut my mind off of what is occurring in our world.

  • BormacskaBormacska Posts: 890 ✭✭✭✭✭
    #2623 March, 2020, 09:34 pm.


  • KeybounceKeybounce Posts: 338 ✭✭✭
    #2724 March, 2020, 02:32 am.

    Re-running the whole thing later?

    That's a really good compromise, I think.

  • BormacskaBormacska Posts: 890 ✭✭✭✭✭
    #2824 March, 2020, 02:48 am.

    it's an acknowledgement. Not sure what the actual decision is behind the inn task, but it could be a contractual thing?

  • KeybounceKeybounce Posts: 338 ✭✭✭
    #2924 March, 2020, 03:05 am.

    Not sure what the actual decision is behind the inn task, but it could be a contractual thing?

    Very possible. Consider that advertisers are expecting exposure.

    If this was the issue, then A, it would be nice if this was confirmed (Sorry people, our lawyers wrote contracts with the sponsors that did not account for the possibility of a once-in-two-century health disaster), and B, move the inn task to part 4, or the bonus.

    Still, re-running later is a very good compromise.

    And, the whole contact thing would explain perfectly the whole "continuing to have a daily task for inns" because the contracts require it, because that's what the sponsors paid for.

  • KodokmagKodokmag Posts: 77 ✭✭
    #3024 March, 2020, 11:16 am.

    Still have shortage for snowdrop.. for task

    There are no snowdrop in the bushes around me. 😱

  • Burnturrek619Burnturrek619 Posts: 42 ✭✭
    #3124 March, 2020, 06:22 pm.

    Lets get Rollin.

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