gifting, covid-19, and a hui hou kakou

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social distancing, shelter in place, hunkering down, etc. ... whatever you call it, that’s what da missus and i are choosing to do (like most responsible people here also do). [alas, the visitors (tourists) keep coming ... after all, it is what our state is known for ... at a critical time when people really should not be traveling, large distances or small, unless it is necessary. (and not being able to get a refund, so they might as well come, does not count as necessary.) so far, no homegrown cases here, just what visitors have brought with them.]

anyway, we won’t be venturing out very often, and won’t be collecting that many giftboxes to send out, because we really are not going out of our way to visit fortresses, inns, or greenhouses even when we do make necessary trips out ... so apologies to the good folk on our respective lists of friends, for your not getting much (if at all) in giftboxes from us lately and going forward for the foreseeable future.

truth is, HPWU had plenty of chances to get its act together to make this game indispensable in our daily routine ... but the powers that be have blown it time and again.

we won’t quit the game entirely but it will take up way less time in our daily routines while we continue to hunker down and maybe even when we no longer have to.

as for this forum, parts of it are not that healthy a place either, so this forum too will take up way less time in my daily routine. most folks won’t care, one way or the other. some might rejoice (and if so, then i’m saluting you in a singularly digital way). and if there are others perhaps who might be sad, well, it’s not necessarily goodbye ... just, “a hui hou kakou” (until we meet again), so to speak.



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