Known Issues affecting 2.11.0

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  • The Friends Listed I Achievement updates when both friends restart their app

Adventure Sync:

  • iPads will experience an infinite load when attempting to turn Adventure Sync on 
  • Android 10 Only: App will restart when attempting to enable Adventure Sync when GPS is turned off
  • Android Only: Players may not get a “Successful Synced” message when enabling Adventure Sync 

Ministry ID:

  • Android 10 Only: Player may only see a black screen in their Portrait when they attempt to use an Animated Sticker or Frame
  • iOS Only: Players may get an error message when pulling the control panel while taking a picture for their Portrait 


  • Players may be unable to collect a Potion from Potion Brewing when their device transitions to mobile data from Wifi. Restart the app to collect the Potion.


  • The number of recently acquired Portmanteaus may differ from the badged amount shown with the Portkey button


  • The Seen count of a Foundable maybe not be updated if the Foundable flees 
  • The number of times a Foundable is seen may not update if the Foundable departs the Encounter

Wizarding Challenges: 

  • Some players may experience a delay when tapping into a Chamber 
  • Text in the Chambers reward popup incorrectly states that a player will “Earn one-time rewards for your first victory in each chamber.” Players only get one-time rewards when unlocking the next highest Chamber.

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