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This is more of a question towards the devs and the company rather than the community itself


Are there any plans for any new bundle/kit for all the players and not only the new accounts?

I know there have been few kits available but that was only for those that started now and whoever the game count as an old player didn't get access to them (like ppl that traveled on NZ/AUS and played during beta or just downloaded and either did just the tutorial and then got back to their countries etc)

I really want to spend some money but i would prefer to spent it on a kit rather than just the coins!

Thanks in advance! :)



    #204 July, 2019, 05:21 pm.

    Even, I felt the same but if we check the PGO, there was nothing to do when the game went live during the launch. But HP, a lot of things to do and it is fun (except some bug) but I think we should give them sometime to let everything settle.!

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    i know its not a complaint per se just a question. I already saw on reddit today someone posting a new kit with 2100 coints and barrufios and stuff but its not visible for everyone again! Tbh i don't have any complaints about the game so far (except of the profile bug) there are lots of stuff to do and i for sure not compare it to PGO!

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    I would count on it. There's $$$$ to be made.

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