Potions are brewing one at a time? I have to wait for one to finish brewing before another one will

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Is anyone else experiencing this problem? When I go to my potions I currently have brewing I have to wait until one finishes before the next one will start. That means if I am brewing potent potions it will take 16 hours! I started them last night around midnight and they should’ve been done this morning! Now I have to wait eight hours for one to finish and then the next one will start! What is going on?

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    I didn't know it wasn't supposed to do that, but mine's been doing it that way for I don't know how long. Aggravating I know but I wasn't if that was a bug or just to get people to rent a cauldron so I just wait for them to finish

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    That's how the potions queue has always worked. You can line up up to 4 potions to be brewed, but your cauldron can only brew one at a time. Once the first one finishes the next one in line will automatically start.

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    PS: did you mean to attach that picture to your post?

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    Newbie mistake on the photo. This must be something new with potions then, because I’ve always been able to brew 4 potions at a time and they would always be ready, all at the same time! I could brew four of the same potions, and then all four would be ready at the same time and I could collect them all. If this wasn’t supposed to happen then I’ve been pretty lucky!

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    My guess is you placed 4 x 2 hour potions on, then came back to them 8 (or more) hours later maybe? That would result in being able to pick up 4 potions in one go. If not, like you said, you’ve been very lucky.

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    what I have observed, and what is noted under Potion Info:

    Potions in the standard cauldron brew in succession, not in parallel, with up to three recipes in the queue. Once the brew time for the first potion has elapsed, the second potion will start automatically. This continues unit all "orders" are complete. The bottled potions must be collected before you can specify new . You can collect completed potions at any time assuming you have space in your inventory.

    Next time you collect a potion and notice another still brewing, take a look at the remaining time. Is it the full required duration, or is there only a fraction to go? Pro-tip: you can apply the master notes at any time before collection. A healing potion with 15 minutes before it's ready can become ready immediately if you apply the gestures.

    In any case, the queued potion does not wait for the prior one to be collected before the countdown starts. That would be awful. Four Baruffio's will complete in two days (sans master notes) if all queued at the same time, and that it how I have always understood the cauldron to function.

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    Thanks for explaining the Brewing process @MtPollux

    Welcome to the Community Page, @Tinkernbella! I thought that could have been the case with the photo and took care of it 👍️

    Secondly, if you queue four Potions for brewing at a time, the first one always starts immediately. Once that's done, the Potion next in queue will start brewing. If you don't log in, or claim the Potions that are ready, this process will go on until all the Potions are complete and ready to be claimed. You can find more details on our Brewing Potions help article, have a glance!

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