Task list for CD should last a bit after the 3 hour after window

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Even discounting the late appearance of the task list during the last community day, I think it is prudent for the task list to stay on for a little while after the 3 hours play time is over. We are already trying to squeeze in as much as we can into the 3 hours, it is normal to forget or not have the time to claim the task rewards, even though we have already completed them. I think the task list staying on and available for claiming for 10-30 minutes after the 3 hours is reasonable. It is not like we are asking for 24 hours (even though it is called a community day)

Speaking of community day rewards, I should probably make another post for this, but the Triwizard cup fragments and the Knight bus fragments that were rewards for previous events, had they already been placed and the page not yet been prestiged, do they really count as rewards? I didn’t see an XP increase or a max fragment bonus, so were they merely pictures masquerading as ‘rewards’? If only they could have stayed on until be prestige the page, then we could atleast collect those as fragments, otherwise they seem to be worth nothing. Am I wrong?



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    @LeFayeofAlbion thank you for posting this request.

    As you know, I was totally immersed in a Doxy frenzy during CD and, because the task list only appeared quite late after the event had started, I thought the list would remain available for a bit longer. It was only a couple of minutes after the event ended and the list was gone, so I lost all the prizes. I know it was my fault and I should have collected them on time, but it was quite frustrating nonetheless.

    Thank you again for bringing this up.

    @Acumen Glad to know you got the alert. For some reason, I didn't. I totally spaced chasing Doxies in the map...

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    #426 February, 2020, 11:01 am.

    If the tasks were locked out so that we couldn't keep progressing after the Event was over, I don't see why this would be a bad thing.

    Hell, even if it stuck around for ten or twenty minutes or so, so that we could complete the Fortress Challenge we're in, go through all the updates in our Registry, and then tick off all of our tasks.

    Doesn't seem game breaking, would reduce stress, and help ensure that folks that put in the effort don't miss out due to a UI problem or similar.

    I would not be happy if my mobile lost power at the end of an event and that resulted in me not ticking off Special Event Tasks.

    Nice suggestion. 🙃👍

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