Boot Portkey doesn't work properly with the giroscope enabled

CassyJones43CassyJones43 Posts: 1
in General Questions #1 latest comment 19 February, 2020, 07:22 pm.

Hello everyone,

I've got two portkeys activated but none of them is working. What I mean is that the boots don't appear where they should when I click to use them. The giroscope is enabled according to the instructions.

I could use the boots after reading the FAQ article related to the subject, but it's much funnier is you can use the giroscope to look around the rooms/places without using your fingers.

Anybody else with this issue?



  • HPWUrobertHPWUrobert Posts: 719 admin
    #219 February, 2020, 07:22 pm.

    Hi @CassyJones43! thanks for flagging this issue to us. Can add a screenshot or tell us if you have camera options in the app Settings that allow you to enable/disable AR?

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