Known issues affecting Update 2.10.0

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Known Issues: 


  • The “Friends Listed I: Have 1 Friend in your Friends List” Achievement only updates when both players restart the app

Adventure Sync:

  • Samsung tablets do not sync with Google Fit 
  • iPads will experience an infinite load when attempting to turn Adventure Sync on 
  • Android 10 Only: App will restart when attempting to enable Adventure Sync when GPS is turned off


  • The amount of recently acquired Portmanteaus may differ from than the badged amount reported with the Portkey button


  • When returning to the game, players may receive an error message if they background the app for 30 secs while in a Greenhouse 


  • Players may be unable to collect a Potion from Potion Brewing if their device transitions to mobile data from Wifi. Restart the app to collect the Potion.

Ministry ID:

  • Android 10 Only: Player may only see a black screen in their Portrait when they attempt to use an Animated Sticker or Frame


  • Rewards flow may show Players receiving Spell Energy even though their Energy capacity is full

SOS Assignments: 

  • Players may receive awards related to SOS Assignments, such as Pixie Wings, even if they have not unlocked the corresponding assignment 


  • Tapping on a Trace that appears outside the range of the Magical Me may give Players an error message 

Wizarding Challenges: 

  • Players may not receive the Level Up rewards screen if they Level Up after a Wizarding Challenge. Players will still Level Up and rewards will still be granted. 
  • Some players may experience a delay when tapping into a Chamber 

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  • mac1574mac1574 Posts: 0
    #225 February, 2020, 06:36 pm.

    I opened the game today and i noticed that my pic was just a black pic. I made a new one and it didn't change.

  • DjdbumblebeeDjdbumblebee Posts: 3 ✭✭
    #306 April, 2020, 05:57 am.

    Is anyone going to fix the black screen issue with the Ministry ID Badge Image?

  • HPWUrobertHPWUrobert Posts: 607 admin
    #408 April, 2020, 05:31 pm.

    Bugs in our known issues section are open and pending a fix

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