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So there is within the HPWU discord community a channel for game research. I know a few of you keep amazing records and wanted to provide the links for fortress battles, gift drops, tonic data, portkey studies, DD studies, and some others.

These are all courtesy of @13121417, who doesn't appear to be a member of this community, but is relatively active on the discord community. I will also post the invite to that community and encourage that all questions be asked there as I'm just the messenger  😉.

All of these are ongoing. Some I didn't find posted results yet. Some have the Data entry sheet on one page and results on an additional tab. If you wish to add to the data, make your own copy, fill it in and link it back to 13121417#[email protected] or u/CookieDevAuror to be added to the dataset.

Wizards Unite World Discord Invite:

Foundables in Fortress Battles:

Fortress Data Entry:

Portkey Contents Study:

Portkey Data Entry:

Tonic for Trace Data Entry and Study:

Dark Detector Data Entry:

Greenhouse Gift Drops Data Entry:

Gift Data:

Don't feel like adding to the data, but still want to use it? By all means, it works great as a pdf to pull up which things spawn in higher rates and where, drops, etc.

FYI: These are almost impossible to read on a phone!!



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