New Feature: "Challenge Dungeons"



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    @Bormacska asked a Question and I answered in detail. And what better way to do so than by explaining the life stance it is based on?

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    @Lucoire so let me ask you what is the difference between and in-game chat feature versus this forum in your opinion? Just curious...

    I think it would be easier to have this forum just as an icon within the game. I understand to an extent what you are saying above, however, this game doesn’t have clear definitive instructions on “how to play” it if you will so for the first month for me personally I had to figure out “how” to play the game from this forum. I had no clue what some of the game mechanics were or how to achieve some of them. So without this forum I probably would have stopped playing.

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    @Lucoire woah!!!! Sorry late reply & I've only a little time, but just wanted to say how epic this sounds!!

    Ive played D&D in a group until recently every Wed eve & the excitement of the quests- with an 'endgame' is totally absorbing!

    Plus i totally agree about the need for players to work out their own strategies & strengths & grow as they gain more experience.

    They can then share that with the group in a way that means they go for something that may seem risky or incredulous to other players- but they've gained that confidence through experimentation or sheer 'gutseyness!?' Lol. And then the group bonds so well, with excitement about what may happen & u literally become fully absorbed & invested in the quest through those connections.

    I love the idea of that dynamic being brought into the HP world & omg you have presented a brilliant idea with such detail & thought- even though as u say there are elements you are just posing as an initial idea, the work you have put into all of this is quite astounding to be honest.

    I'm in awe of that & hope that this form of ideas can be added into the HPWU universe someway, somehow, sometime! ❤!

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    @Lucoire Thank you for your detailed answer. I have a response, but not enough time to type it all out at the moment as this week is a little hectic. So if you don't mind waiting until this week is over, I would love to chat more on this . 😊

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    @ClairabusGryff Your Question goes a bit far off-topic so I've been thinking for longer on how to answer it in a way to keep it on-topic.

    As I mentioned in my longer answer to @Bormacska, Chat would be a potential distraction so if implemented it had to be in a way to not pull the players attention away from where it needs to be. That's why I would keep chat far away from the parts of the game that require focus and concentration: Trace-Encounters, Fortresses, Portkeys, Challenge-Dungeons.

    Furthermore, as explained in length, all players should have the right to experience the game at their own pace, from their own perspective and in a setting they chose. So getting access to chat and giving (people in) chat access to you should be a conscious choice, something that requires a form of consent. When you look at it like this, the Forum is essentially just that: a place that you'd have to go to willingly and intentionally.

    That's also the reason why I would keep the "coordination assistance" within a challenge-dungeon to a minimum: to give Wizards the freedom to make their own choice of how to approach this.

    Sidenote: if you think that the Game did a bad job at explaining its mechanics to you, did you try to help improve on that by suggesting new features - or improve on existing ones - that would help ease the early-game experience? I think @HPWULola and @HPWUrobert would love to hear it as it might bring more people to this community and help them enjoy it.

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    Thank you for your point of view on this topic @Lucoire and I personally would like to see an in game chat as a small icon within the map where it could/would be something that people could select or consent if they want to chat within the game or not. I have played games with this option and personally prefer it.

    As for your last point about wether or not I made recommendations to the HPWU team on how to assist new players in the beginning - no, I did not. I also didn’t say that they did a “bad job” at explaining the mechanics of the game I stated that I had no clue as to what some of the game mechanics were. Through this forum I was able to figure out how to locate werewolf tufts or pixie wings, etc.

    I thoroughly enjoy reading everyone’s suggestions on how to improve the game and adding new content be it confoundables or new ways to fortress like your challenge-dungeon idea. So I hope people will continue to put these ideas in the forum!

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    (to remind people that there are many ideas that could increase the variety of things you can do in the game)

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    @Lucoire The issue with a vast majority of game players these days is they are stuck on imitation. People are not taught cognitive reasoning in school any more, so they are unable to think for themselves and refuse to research answers for themselves. If it isn't spoon fed to them, they never put forth the effort to learn. They believe that they just need to watch YouTube channels and ask for others to explain how they should be playing a game, rather than trial and error and searching for their own answers.

    With that said, I do agree on your stand on in-game communications. An in-game chat would be a distraction, since it would just lead to arguments during challenges. People would be too busy typing to attack targets. Also, if anyone has played Ingress, in game communications has led to a lot of issues there, such as stalking and giving out others personal info. It would require moderation and having chats for individual fortress instances would be difficult to moderate.

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    And what do you think about the idea of challenge dungeons?

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    @Lucoire It is not a bad idea, but they need to fix the current Knight bus to allow for you to find friends easier, first. Without the ability to find a proper remote group, the challenge dungeon would become a nuisance.

    I know you have suggestions for getting a group together in the description, but can you really expect them to add all the features of the challenge dungeon without massive amounts of bugs. I would like to see a pre-existing way to form remote groups, before new content that requires them.

    Maybe it is something for post pandemic, when people can gather again.

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    You mean something like "Private Groups" (click the link for details)?

    Or are you more looking for "proper" matchmaking (same here, click the link for details)?

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    @Lucoire I am saying that nothing like that is implemented in the game. In order to get in to a group, you must currently play with random players or organize a group through an external app and join/leave to fortress over and over, until everyone manages to be on the same knight bus. This can take a half hour to "find your group".

    There needs to be a way to more easily get in to a group, before we have any expansion of the challenge system.

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    It's a great idea but I see one problem... About 80% of my friends quit the game over the past few months due to the continuous issues. And since they pretty much moved on, I doubt they'll be back.

    Plus given how the majority of pug groups play on the knight bus... I'm not really looking forward to pug a challenge like this on a mobile platform.

    Pandemic aside, there's barely a handful of active players left in a city with 270k people. So meeting up is not going to happen unless the overall community revives.

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    It's a great idea but I see one problem... About 80% of my friends quit the game over the past few months due to the continuous issues. And since they pretty much moved on, I doubt they'll be back.

    So you're saying that we shouldn't suggest features that might actually attract players to the game (or encourage former players to return) because there are not enough people playing the game...

    Yeah, I kinda don't understand that.

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    I'm saying that, despite it's a great idea, just adding it to the game without fixing some other issues, is like adding fuel to a car without tires.

    We're dealing with an already frustrated and dwindling player base. And given the threads about the pug groups in the knight bus and how "fun" it is... Just adding a feature because it's a good idea isn't going to work. And given the added difficulty and involvement, it might even backfire.

    It's an "and and and" story. They'll need to fix the current problems with the game and invest in community building and nail new features the first time.

    So as I said before... Good idea, I really like it, but you need to fix the community issues at the same time. Otherwise, great ideas like this will just be buried under the same old sludge of negative reactions by the frustrated players and die a cold, painful, lonely death. Just like the knight bus atm.

    And I would hate to see this going the same way.

    It's not that I'm opposed to your idea, on the contrary. It's a great idea but it's threatened by the poor state of the community. For your idea to thrive, the community has to thrive.

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    by the 'quality' (or rather lack of thereof) of randoms and the quantity of those bad players, id say that not all humans have that capacity (also by votes on brexit and trump and other matters, but let's not get into muggle politics right now, it won't end well hah), but for dif. reasons I dont want an in game comms that allow for text or speach that isnt pre-determined by dev. team. It would also not end well, it'd end in ppl swearing and expressing anger and frustration at other players, much like it happened and still happens in ingress (which is why neither pogo nor WU have gotten such systems). But I would like some kind of predetermined 'comms' ie: each player depending on what they want can drag and drop icons on either players or foes, ie an icon of "confuse" on an erkling would signify to the aurors to confuse that foe, or a shield icon on a player would signify "shield me/that player please", or somehow signify to another player you want them to fight a foe (not just if its their proficient foe and theyre not fighting it, but also 'i dont need elites im done w that achievement you take that one" or "im a magi im free you can get out of the spider/erkling i can fight it" etc). That I would like, then if ppl are ignoring that I could just ditch floors I see ppl either not knowing what theyre doing or are freeloading.

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    #4904 November, 2020, 02:13 pm.

    as to the point abt learning by ourselves, no thats not how either I or others became good at forting, when KB was released (before that I had no community near me, nor any means of fortressing w a group) I researched online for guides explaining what to do, asked other players who had groups and learned, if there are comms of some sort that are pre-determined and wont allow for rude/bad/bullying behaviour then while at first they might provoke some sensory overload ppl will get used to them, and by seeing what everyone's asking and how everyone's reacting in forts ppl might actually learn faster, if they dont similarly ask/learn from other sources like global/local discord servers, online guides and so on.

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    #5004 November, 2020, 02:20 pm.

    and yeah they need to allow us to send out invites to a private lobby or somehow find friends w/o needing to beacon and search for 10-80 mins (once it took me 2 hrs to find my group and it was a fortress CD so it couldnt be avoided, wasnt abt to play forests or darks w randoms) before talking about any kind of new features for forts. If they dont resolve most/all of the current fort-related bugs and give a friends' lobby for forts before going ahead with a major new feature abt battle dungeons or howev. you want to call it it is sure it will only serve to further frustrate and annoy what little remains of the playership, and it is sure to be riddled with bugs, small and large (everything theyve released so far has had them, don't see why that would change 'now'), so, i much rather prefer them to resolve the existing bugs, give us a way to get together remotely with ppl from friends' list and give out the 2 remaining profession plans per profession (as well as other families/ challenge pages, new foes, floors and so on) before embarking on a major new feature that is going to have bugs and is quite uncertain will please ppl and not frustrate them further.

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