Is the London Zoo and off-limits area for HP:WU only?

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I've recently visited the London Zoo and was excited about it. I had a look at the Intel Ingress Maps and saw plenty of portals. You'd expect a fair number of Pokestops/Gyms and, naturally, inns, fortresses and greenhouses.

When I got there, Ingress was showing this:

PoGo this

But HP:WU was disappointing

I restarted the game plenty of times but nothing changed! I looked at the OpenStreetMaps and everything seems to be in order... I'm not an expert on OSM but I can see the area tagged as Zoo with boundaries set with lines, fences and Administrative Boundaries. I don't know how that impacts the POI inside them.

There is a Fortress, an inn and two greenhouses inside the London Zoo but nothing else. Any hints?

There were plenty of inns, fortresses and greenhouses outside the Zoo!



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