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I appreciate the way we can earn scrolls, but the difficulty to earn books makes a lot of scrolls quite useless. I have over 1500 sitting around for no good reason, right now.

So, can we get a book store in Diagon Alley, that offers the service of binding books? For example 100 scrolls can be bound to one red book and 200 scrolls can be bound to one restricted book.



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    #214 January, 2020, 02:49 pm.

    You'll keep your scrolls and you'll like it! The Villa dei Papiri only contained some 800 scrolls, and historians were delighted. Here you are with 1500 and complaining about it. Gah! Kids these days. So ungrateful.

    Kidding, of course. Most of us are in the same boat. I'm nearing 4500 scrolls and, so far, I'm okay with it. Once I hit 5000 though, I'll have more than enough to complete both other lesson plans, yet I'm still waiting on 60 more restricted section books to complete my first lesson plan (professor). That's bananas. Several players have suggested a book binding service, and hopefully they'll introduce something like that with a future update. Meanwhile, I guess we'll just continue to watch the pile grow. I'm going to need a bigger file cabinet.

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    #317 January, 2020, 08:28 am.
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    #417 January, 2020, 08:56 am.


    Keep in mind that the Profession screen states: "More lessons coming soon!". I think it'll sort itself out when new skill trees are made. I'm sure they can make queries on how many scrolls people have on average, and adjust the new lessons requirements accordingly.

    And hey, they said "Soon", so how long can that really take, huh? :)

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    #517 January, 2020, 11:23 am.

    @Jeroenix I think your comment about further lessons is interesting, and those costs are really going to give an idea of what they expect from players. If they expect players to have a second fairly well-developed profession, then their scroll costs will have to remain low (as average players may have spent extra scrolls on other professions). If they expect a single profession, then costs will be higher. The next stage in professions will really communicate their vision for that aspect of the game.

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    #617 January, 2020, 01:12 pm.

    Indeed. I'm saving mine, all of them. I've already chosen a path of only one profession, and if new trees arrive, I expect to become extremely specialized in my field. This is an opportunity for the developers to check and see the configurations of all players, and create reasonably priced new skills.

    If things change too radically, I would also suggest an obliviate function (with coins if need be) so people will be able to choose again. Of course, we'll forget the obliviate spell itself when used, so you can't be specialized into other professions from day to day, that would ruin things.

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    #717 January, 2020, 06:18 pm.

    I really like your idea of obliviate @Jeroenix! On the first day I downloaded and started playing HP I immediately chose Magizoo and I don't think I will change that but the option might be nice.

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    #817 January, 2020, 07:18 pm.

    @Jeroenix The issue with the Obliviate would be that reaching certain points in your professon is an achievement with rewards. So by resetting your profession after getting the Achievement-Rewards and then getting the Achievement-Rewards for a different profession without having enough Scrolls and Books for both simultaneously - is kinda unfair.

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