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Hi this has nothing to do with your discussion but I play wizards unite everyday and I have no in game friends so here is my friend code

- "1247 8092 4541 " - if anyone wishes to friend me in the wizards unite app please copy and paste my friend code into friends section and I will be happy to send you gifts and be helpful on a daily basis when it comes to the game please and thank you for your time and consideration I look forward to playing wizards unite with you soon.....



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    Thank you @OriginalCaruso And @Magpie31 For the advise I am am an advide wizarding world fan and I have been enjoying the game very much so far I am still getting the swing of things but I am not a quitter I have finally figured out how to get some spell envy from completing quests and eating at inns etc.. And I have been advancing in leaps, and bounds ever since then.... I only found this forum tonight but I am pleased I have I am sure you will see plenty of interaction and participation from me I know proof is always in the pudding but I enjoy a new adventure and I look forward to being around in coming days months years ETC.

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    Welcome to the forum! If you want some quick friends in the game, go here:


    Tons of players have posted their codes. Using the more recent posts will probably get you active-at-the-moment players. Also, use the search bar at the top of the page to search names of cities/towns in your area. You may get lucky and find nearby players have posted also looking for friends. You can also go here:


    And look for a pin on the map in your area. Feel free to add your own pin so others may find you.

    What the others mentioned is true for many people. When the gifting function was rolled out, many started caring more about their friends list. Not to be exclusive, but to only keep those we have a connection with and play with, just to keep the list manageable.

    It sounds like you may be a new player, so I hope you find this forum helpful. If you can’t find a thread that answers any questions, please ask. Many here will gladly help if they know the answer.

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    @Magpie31 and @OriginalCaruso and @Dogoutlaw I would love to have you lovely people as friends. 9808 0516 7107

    I am going to do what most of the veterans on this forum have recommended and cull down my list to the people I interact with regularly. 40-50 sounds like a decent number of friends and would only take 4-5 days to get through all gifts. I have 200 friends right now of which I interact with about 10-15 on here and would rather keep my friends list to people on the forum. So in a few days I will change my code as I get 5-10 friend requests in a 24 hour period. Can someone tell me how to change my friend code?

    @KingysQueen I was much like you back in July as I had started playing the game in June but really had no clue what was what so I found this forum and have learned so much from all of the lovely people here. So I wish you the best of luck. Everyone on here is always so willing to help!

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    @ClairabusGryff to change your request code, go to the friends list and click on :

    Then, once there click on the refresh arrow :

    Then click on the change button :

    And that should give you a new code! You don't lose any current friends btw.

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    #806 January, 2020, 09:22 pm.

    Thank you kindly @Bormacska !!

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    Thank you @Bormacska !! Great tip!

    @KingysQueen added you 💗

    @Magpie31 if I haven’t already I’ll add you 🙂 unless you’re full up!

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    @KingysQueen I'm fairly new to this game and just found this forum. I also don't have any friends in thr game yet and just sent you a friend request 😊

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    Hi @ClairabusGryff - I have added you! Thanks. I only have 12 friends, so a nice long list. But last time I popped my friend code on here, I got up to 70 and it was too much for me to track and open gifts and everything. At the moment, I am rarely at my gift opening limit, which is really nice. Although work commitments and my still-healing foot means I am struggling to send as many as I would like!

    @LadyRedIII Please do feel free to add me! My current code is 8622 6320 4094 and people who I talk to regularly on here are welcome to add me too. I am just going to delete strangers, though. The big list stressed me out too much before.

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    @Magpie31 I woke up this morning to see you friended me so woo-****, well you and Bormascka! And so far I have culled my list from 200 down to 100 which I really hated to do but we all have enough stress in our life’s and a game on my cell phone should only bring me joy and not stress so I did it. Ideally I will get down to 50 as that is my goal number. I don’t know if you mentioned it on here before but how did you break your foot? I can only imagine the pain involved as I have broken both of my legs at different points in my life but I was much younger. I can’t imagine the nightmare of getting around in Thailand on crutches. Let alone I remember how much time I had to spend with my foot elevated! So I hope you heal quickly!!

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    Thanks @ClairabusGryff! It was stress fractures. Apparently my fracture from two years ago never healed properly (in 2017 the doctor said there was no fracture, but side by side x-rays tell a different story!) and I had two heavy walking / hiking trips in quick succession, as well as a school trip where I had to wear formal shoes.... So stress fractures. Multiple. I had four in the fourth metatarsil, two confirmed in the fifth metatarsil and two more possibles underneath the fifth metatarsil but the doctor couldn't see the point in additional x-rays! I came out of my boot on Monday but still need to take it really easy. Being somewhat heavier than average, it is easy for me to put too much weight on it while it is still very tender and healing.

    And yes, Thailand is a nightmare on crutches! Someone on this forum kindly suggested a little powerchair or something, but anyone who has visited knows that our pavements are really not built for such things, nor is public transport!

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    @OriginalCaruso Given that you have appeared higher up my list, are you the mysterious person I accidentally deleted in my post event cull? I knew I deleted one person too many but couldn't work out who!

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    Hi! I am looking for some friends that actually rotate through and send gifts, currently I have only 20 friends but none of them send me gifts or even open the ones I send them! I would love some more gift friends! If this is you here is my code:

    4942 6576 8844

    i play everyday!

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    #1608 January, 2020, 06:55 pm.

    @Magpie31 - I may have been guilty of the same thing! Somewhere between us was a hasty delete!

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    @Magpie31 I am glad you are out the awful boot at least. But take it easy because healing feet/legs is a difficult thing on easy and steady terrain. So at least you are on the mend.

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    9648 2514 8375

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    5336 5396 3114

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