How do we delete gifts?

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I enjoy the gifting, I really do, but I already have 500+ runes and I really don't want to waste my only 10 gifts per day on more runes. But I don't see how we might delete them to open the gifter up to send another gift. I have about 165 friends but about 100 of them have a rune stone gift that I'll never accept because I want the energy and ingredients. Should I just delete them as friends?



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    #221 December, 2019, 01:57 am.

    As we have learned from another post if you delete your friends and then re-friend them, the gift shows back up. It won't clear. So until all sides (hpwu team, your friends and yourself) get this figured out a little better, it might be worth telling the friends you can communicate with about your preferences, spend a grumpy day (or two) opening to clear out runestone gifts and move on. Or just make one gift a day a runestone to open and deal with the things you want for the other nine.

    Not ideal, but hey, barely a month of gifting has passed, they are still working out all the kinks. (I just know the bot is going * kin-ks)

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    #321 December, 2019, 08:12 pm.

    @SparkleLovegood i am in the complete opposite situation as you. I prefer runestones gifts and secondary would be spell energy. No ingredients for me unless of course baruffios. That is my preference. But everyone is different. I have been doing what @Bormacska recommended above and opening 5 or so runestone gifts a day and clearing out others. But it feels like a loosing battle. The only thing you can really do at this time is delete the friends with runestone gifts and accept new friends. I do love the gifting so much and have about 10-15 people I have be-friended on here that I try to send them something daily if they have opened up their current gift from me. But the rest of the people on my friend list I don’t know. So since we can’t delete gifts that we have received from people and are allowed to open up 10 gifts a day but are allowed to send a 100 well you see where that causes the current bottle neck we are in. One day I was able to accumulate roughly 80 gifts as I had tried to get to a 100 but wasn’t successful. So that is the only workable solution that I know of at this time. Of course I wouldn’t delete the people I have befriended here just the other people that I don’t know yet.

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    #406 January, 2020, 05:47 pm.

    @Bormacska great idea! I do that with spell energy ☺️

    @ClairabusGryff saaaaaaame 😉

    @SparkleLovegood ive tried tagging you on posts for local meet ups/etc. Are you on Discord? It might be easier to communicate that way since I’m not sure if you are seeing the tagged responses. 💗

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    I'm now seeing the notifications menu. I'm not sure what Discord is but I'm going to look into it now

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    Ok, my tag is #0345 with three same user name

    I can't figure out how to join any groups yet. One step at a time I suppose.

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