Brilliant Event: Christmas Calamity Week 1

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Hey everyone! Week 1 of the Brilliant Event: Christmas Calamity will start Tuesday, December 3rd at 11 AM PST. There will be six Brilliant Foundables you will be looking out for! Here is where to find them:

Brilliant Encounters: Brilliant Hermione + Viktor and Brilliant Hagrid + Madame Maxime

Wizarding Challenge Reward using Brilliant Event Runestone: Ice Sculpture of Castle

Quest Rewards: Punch Bowl and Grumpy Ron

Brilliant Portkey Rewards: Yule Ball Programme

We will be receiving another challenging Bonus Assignment after the main tasks are completed! Also, look out for Brilliant Portkeys and be sure to grab your free gift from Diagon Alley 🎁

Hope this helps you all prepare! Good luck 😀



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    @HPWULola Looking forward to the event. Thank you for sharing information on it 😊

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