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In the absence of in-game comms I think it would help to list everyone’s gift preference order here

Please also add your Friend Code

I will collate all the information into a single post periodically so we have a single reference

Please use this format so I can cut and paste, I may put a spreadsheet together at some point

Comments welcome 😀


  • We would all prefer Extravagant over Essential over Normal
  • Potion includes Potion ingredient gifts
  • Please include commas without leading spaces to separate fields as this greatly simplifies future spreadsheet creation

OriginalCaruso,092583621828,Runestone,Potion,Spell Energy

Edit - Removed spaces from Friend Code due to formatting issue



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    #230 November, 2019, 11:02 am.

    kiheikid,915091376475,spell energy,runestones,potions

    mbs808,688866774310,runestones,spell energy,potions

    but we are not picky and appreciate all giftboxes regardless of type or quantity of contents!


    great idea, @OriginalCaruso

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    #303 December, 2019, 05:31 am.

    Bumping this thread in preparation for today’s event

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    LefayeofAlbion, 2366 7933 8698, Runestones, Spell energy, Potions

    (Btw, the gifts that say ‘xx Potion gift’ instead of ‘xx potion ingredient gift’ - do they actually give the potion itself? I have only sent those. Never received any, so I’m not sure)

    I’m so looking forward to and wondering what the special holiday gifts will be! Hope there will be spell books as this event isn’t giving any.

    (Might be easier for you if you created a google form. No need to copy paste. And players can submit another response if their friend code or preferences change and you can arrange based on date.)

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