Wit Sharpening postions ingredients (Ginger root, Armadillo Bile ) disappeared?

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Have you others noticed any changes in how you find ingredients for Wit sharpening potion?

In a local (Finnish) FB group we are now several people discussing about how specially Ginger root has become rare (Earlier you got it a lot from greenhouses) and also some are saying that finding Armadillo Bile is also difficult.

Wit sharpening potion is essential if you want to fit inn Fortress higher levels against elite opponents, so now we can't fight as we want...


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  • AcumenAcumen Posts: 1,102 ✭✭✭✭✭
    #329 November, 2019, 10:45 pm.

    How long has this been the case for you? If it's only been a couple days, I wouldn't panic just yet. I spotted ginger both on the ground and at greenhouses today. I'm pretty sure I saw Armadillo Bile too, but I wasn't looking for those ingredients so I'm not 100% certain. Ingredients have a funny way of hiding when you're looking for them, but you'll probably find some soon.

  • Jeje002Jeje002 Posts: 25 ✭✭
    #430 November, 2019, 05:12 am.

    I have been trying to boil Wit sharpening potions since the November 17th Community day. (I learned the hard way the need for these potions) and so far I've been able to boil 2 bottles.... (I'm aiming at 15 bottles before I begin seriously attacking Dark Chambers)

  • OriginalCarusoOriginalCaruso Posts: 502 ✭✭✭✭✭
    #530 November, 2019, 09:16 am.

    @Jeje002 -Wit Sharpening potions can only be used against Elite foes so are not the most useful in Dark chambers, they are helpful, but Potent Exstimulo potions can be used against a wider range of foes

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    #630 November, 2019, 10:53 am.


    I'm very fully aware of what the potions does.

    As I said, I now need Wit Sharpening potions to fight dark chambers... I have plenty of potent extimulos, but they alone aren't enough in dark chambers.

    And as I said in past 2 weeks I have only been able to find ingredients for 2 bottles of Wit Sharpening potion. Is this how it should be? (And yes, I do play actively and daily...)

    But more importantly, back to my original question: Do you others have problems in finding Ginger root (& Armadillo Bile)?

  • OwlxOwlx Posts: 959 ✭✭✭✭✭
    #730 November, 2019, 02:10 pm.

    I have found less ginger root from greenhouses. But still occasionally find it on the map. I got a cache of Armadillo bile a couple weeks ago from greenhouses. Have seen very little on the map.

    With the LoH event they have made TT ingredients more plentiful (except maybe baneberry) . Maybe as some ingredients get more plentiful others get rarer. This happens with trace spawns.

    It could also be from addition of gifts. When the update that added SE to greenhouses it unintentionally removed snowdrops from greenhouse rewards. That was fixed in the next update.

    @HPWULola any chance that greenhouse gifts unintentionally nerfed armadillo bile rewards?

  • Magpie31Magpie31 Posts: 1,230 ✭✭✭✭✭
    #830 November, 2019, 05:04 pm.

    Plenty showing up here for me, but I find ingredients tend to come and go in cycles. Despite the curtent event, I am not seeing TTD ingredients, and I am low on bitter root. On the other hand, I have done tonnes of healing potions and strong invigoration draughts recently.

  • kiheikidkiheikid Posts: 2,168 ✭✭✭✭✭
    #930 November, 2019, 07:15 pm.

    yup, i have been experiencing chronic shortage of ginger (for WSP) and scurvygrass (for invigorations, strong and regular) for the entire month* ... won’t venture above dark chamber 1 without ample stash of WSP and strong invigoration and potent exstimulos (and my wife da auror).

    even had to pay extra coins for the missing ingredient when i was desperate to brew

    ingredient giftboxes have been useful, at times, but you don’t know what exactly you’ll get before opening them

  • Jeje002Jeje002 Posts: 25 ✭✭
    #1001 December, 2019, 04:32 pm.


    Thx, hadn't noticed one could grow them in greenhouses.

    Took me a couple of hours but found a bag of seeds now. So some day soon, in a greenhouse close to me a full load of Ginger root is forthcoming. 🤗

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