Can we have our "Community Day" and "Brilliant Event Part II" back, please?!

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Hello again. I created a discussion about this issue in here.

My people in Iran didn't have any access to International internet for 7 days!!

and they freed internet after that, but just for home wi-fi(don't have any access with LTE-4G-4G-2G mobile internet) and many places don't have internet yet!

I hope they fix the problem sooner.


I saved 60-70 runestones for that lovely community day(for red spell books) but now I don't even completed the quests. And I can't complete quests for Brilliant event part II, because we don't have any internet.

Please help us iranian people :(

P.S: If I'm right, we lost our internet connections about 14-15 November, and connected just home wi-fis yesterday(23 November)

Please help! @HPWULola @HPWUMicah @HPWUArcosu @HPWUakshay @HPWUakshay @HPWUaustin @HPWUcharu



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    #224 November, 2019, 03:26 pm.

    Power to the people! I hope your service remains up and running, and I wish all Iranians a bright future. Much love. ✌🏼🤟🏼

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    @Acumen Thanks for your support & many thanks for your activity in this community, to help wizards and witches!

    You see, my request is emergency!! Because if the time passes, I will miss many more things in the game.

    I already missing this things:

    • 90-100 Galions for Daily tasks
    • 10-20 Potent & Strong Ext. potions from Daily tasks
    • 18-20 scrolls (Don't mind about them! I'm an 124/137 Auror.)
    • All those precious Red books from community day!!
    • All quests for the last Community Day(3 hours!) and all quests(except Add 1 friend!) for the last Brilliant Event Part II
    • All prizes from these quests(Many Stickers, Runestones, scrolls, Potions, Ingredients , many many Galions!, Dark Detector(s), Photo frame(s), Photo filter(s) & etc.)
    • All things about the last update and Gifting thing...
    • All the potions that I could brew!
    • All the Portkeys that I could open(I walk very much in a day)
    • All the ingredients that I could get from the map
    • All the things from achievements
    • Free gift and option to buy bundles from the last community day
    • ...

    so I hope you see the emergency in this case. Please report to moderators if you know any of them.

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    #424 November, 2019, 09:12 pm.

    @mi7ad I'm sorry to hear about the troubles you and your countrymen are facing, and I'm glad to hear that you're safe.

    Your request brings up an interesting question. When (if ever) should the game admins bend the rules to accommodate those who have faced difficulty? Should they offer extended time for those who have faced political unrest? What about those who were struck by a hurricane during an event? What if you live in California and are dealing with rolling blackouts? How does Niantic decide which situations warrant special help and which don't?

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    #525 November, 2019, 05:22 am.

    @MtPollux Thanks for your kind words...

    Good questions. I saw some rule-changing situations in WU before. I think they can do something for my situation.

    UPDATE: The LTE-4G-3G-2G & public-places internet is off yet... :(

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    #625 November, 2019, 05:52 am.

    Salaam. I support this request. I recommend and support offering a separate community day to Iran for this.

    Khoda hafez.

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    [[accidentally hit submit twice. Disregard this post.]]

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    #825 November, 2019, 09:03 am.

    @mi7ad I am so sorry to hear of your troubles! And the list you have made of all the things Iranians have missed surely shows that something should be done for players in your country to compensate for this!

    Even if the @HPWUTeam cannot provide a specific event just for one country then I'm sure a bundle could be put together with the free gifts you had to miss and extras that take into account the other losses through not being able to play. I hope they do sort somthing for you and your fellow countrymen soon.

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    @Craeft Salaam! And thanks for your support!

    I wish they provide us a seperate Community Day and Brilliant Event Part II for us. both of them are clinical and important for us to continue our journey in WU. Mamnooooon!!

    @AuroraKadavra Thanks for your support! I just made some of our losses. I lost many more things like the casual foundable catchings and even severe/emergency ones. I wish they see my list and provide us a seperate Community Day and Brilliant Event Part II. I don't continue if they just give me a small bundle and want me to continue playing with those blanks in my event registry :(

    UPDATE: No internet outside of house for me yet & no mall or cafe provide people any free-wifi yet.

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    #1025 November, 2019, 11:05 am.

    I Support this request and also would like if some other events (like the dragons egg event, which was WAY too short) came back, so people can complete earlier events (although I only missed the eggs so far myself, but that made me understand why people want the re-appearance of these events)

    It would also be a nice gestures to new players to get the old events

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    #1126 November, 2019, 12:54 am.

    Off topic: I'm making Ghormeh Sabzi tonight, @mi7ad .

    Wish you were here for it.

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    #1226 November, 2019, 04:15 am.

    @ZaansGroen I support that too. I read many comments about this in reddit. Thanks for your support but I think It's late now.

    @Craeft NICE! I love it! Nooshe Jaan!

    UPDATE: I think it is too late to continue this game now. I wish somebody helped me, but now Brilliant Event Part II near it's end and we still don't have internet outside :(

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    #1326 November, 2019, 04:40 am.


    My favorite Persian dish is fesen jaan but I make it all from scratch so I rarely have time to make it. But the Ghormeh Sabzi turned out awesome. Made enough for 4. My roommate and I devoured it.

    If you ever make it to the states, let me know. You're welcome in my home and I can cook Persian food. ;-)

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    @Craeft I love both! and I love North-area of iran-Fesenjaan version more :p Yeah we have more than one version of Fesenjaan in Iran, if you ever make it to Iran I'll show you. (I tried three times to come to States(Houston University invited me for stuying) 12 years ago when I was 17, but they rejected me for visa all three times. My aunt lives there with her family. Do you live near them? though I don't think US gives me visa ever because I'm Iranian & Political issues between Iran-US :(((()

    UPDATE: I played HPWU more than any games in my phone. I didn't think anything like this issue happen to me and force me to quit this game. Internet connection is a basic thing we need for this game & now it's officially 12 days without mobile internet in Tehran,Iran. Now Part II is near it's ending & I missed many things from 14 November till now. I hate this more than my today's headache...

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    #1527 November, 2019, 01:07 am.

    Oh no @mi7ad !! You sound so frustrated and just let down on this situation. I really do feel for you- i know i would be totally gutted if id been happily completing part 1 of the even and then to be shut out of week 2 is so unfair!

    I hope that the @HPWUTeam can at least comment to say they are looking into a solution which offers week 2 to Iranians again. If you know they are at least looking into the problem then you could stay with the game to take part in that- and also all the exciting events planned for December!

    I hope you get the internet up and working properly again soon- i feel very sorry for your troubles.

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    @AuroraKadavra Thanks for your support!

    FINAL UPDATE: They gave me one silver key & one tonic instead of my loss. That was a joke and disrespect to me. I quit the game. Good luck guys ;)

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    #1727 November, 2019, 07:47 pm.

    Oh no @mi7ad that's such a shame you've had to end it like that.

    That really is a poor bundle to give for making up for a whole week of an event lost.

    Hope the problems with internet are sorted for you all soon. Take care.

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    #1827 November, 2019, 11:04 pm.

    @mi7ad , @AuroraKadavra I think that may have just been the gift bundle for the legends of Hogwarts event that is happening currently. Quite sure everyone got that when the event started. With regards to your internet problem though, I hope the HPWU team are able to reach out to you all and do something.

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    #1928 November, 2019, 12:20 pm.

    Oh yes of course @Imaginatio thanks! Lol. Id totally forgotten about the bundle at start of this event & what it was so never clicked! Doh!

    Yes so everyone got that bundle for the LOH event @mi7ad - so they may yet be working on the issue with Iran and how best to sort that out for u all. I hope so.

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    #2028 November, 2019, 01:13 pm.

    @Imaginatio @Aurora423 Yes You're right abour bundle. But they said they can't help me for brilliant event & community day, they will give me a bundle but I don't want any bundle instead of a whole event and that lovely community day. So I quitted & Deleted the game.

    Hope you have a wonderful life, witches and wizardes!

    I just want to know that if this issue happened in a state in US(or any other big country with more players), will they respond the same thing they did to me?

    Babye & Have a good life...

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