Red Spell Books - So Much Harder To Get

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Heyya, everyone! (≧∇≦)/

I'm sure I'm not the only one do have posted a something similar in the discussion board.

(Sorry in advance for the looooong post!)

I was wondering if anyone was thinking Niantic/Wizards Unite would make things easier to get those Red Spell Books? Does anyone know or suspect that if/when they release more Lesson Plans per profession if they'll make it easier to receive Red Spell Books or if the future Lesson Plans will require less of them at the beginning (like how it is currently with Lesson 1)? (・・?

(Like the achievement reward for completing Lesson 1 is only labeled as a Bronze Medal, not even Silver or Gold, which seems quite daunting at the idea that there's more upcoming lesson plans, which could make it even harder to complete those future ones!! (°_°))

I really liked how the November Community Day provided Red Spell Book rewards (much desperately needed!), but it was still not enough for me to learn another lesson nodule in my profession. Does anyone know if Niantic/Wizards Unite is aware of this struggle and is doing more to address it? I have a feeling players may drop out because it gets too difficult to improve in their lesson skills and, thus, the game becomes quite boring after a while... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

If anyone is curious about my player background info:

I'm right now a Ranked 12 (almost 13) Professor with my few remaining profession skills requiring 21, 25, and 30 red books, but my Ranked 70 Challenges level requires 1420 points, with it increasing by 20 each time after being awarded only 2 Red Spell Books (as everyone knows). ((+o+)) It also just seems weird that for me, it's somehow getting easier to receive Green Restricted Section books from the many scheduled Events (NO COMPLAINTS ABOUT THAT HERE!) than it is to receive "normal" Red Spell Books (seems kind of backwards considering I don't think Hogwarts students had easier access to the Restricted Section in the library, hahaha!). (~_~メ)

It's getting harder to enjoy playing in that it feels like it's going to take FOREVER or simply too long to complete just the one lesson plan provided for each profession... Right now I've just been trying to collect as many scrolls now as possible (which is so much easier to do now) and just apply them to the other professions since that is all I can really do (currently a Ranked 5 Auror and a Ranked 5 Magizoologist). (-‸ლ)

Sorry for the REALLY LONG post, everyone. I had a lot of thoughts and was wondering what others thought or if anyone knew if Niantic/Wizards Unite was aware that some players had this complaint? Thanks, everyone, for your time and thoughts into reading this! Happy playing! (^_-)-☆



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    Thanks for the info, @Ginnungagap! (^o^)丿

    Unfortunately, I'm not able to group and play with others (between work schedules and friends that still play Pokemon GO and not Wizards Unite, etc. [side note: kinda don't like that SOS task of doing 3 challenges with 3 friends since a lot of us can't do that, but that's another thing, hahaha!]. (ーー;)

    Thanks for the link! I looked through it and liked the strategies suggested. .....φ(・∀・*) Can't lie in that I still wish they made Red Spell Books easier to acquire, though... especially if it's only going to get harder for future profession lesson plans.

    Thanks again! (✿◠‿◠)

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    @RavenKeito I think they are likely understaffed and overworked which happens a lot in game development. That means you have to make choices, in this case fix bugs and try to make community happier or new content. To compensate easiest option is artificially made time barriers for people so they don't get to the point where there is nothing for them to do. Hopefully the are/have hired additional staff, but it takes a while for people to get trained and up to speed and many just naturally won't work out. As I'm pretty sure this game hasn't met the financial expectations, that means likely budgetary constraints which make righting the ship even harder. Anyways all of this is conjecture on my part from my experiences as a software developer.

    Have you checked out the local groups section of the forums to see if there is anything in your area? Unfortunately things are a bit fractured between Reddit, facebook, the forums and other sites. There may well be players near you who could setup a time to group if you wanted to. It just takes a bit of effort to find them.

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    ^ re @Ginnungagap ’s explanation of the team being overworked and understaffed ... this is for @HPWUTeam (yes, easier said than done, but still gotta do it) ...

    problem: cannot devote resources for planning and implementing for the future, because those resouces are needed for the present, which is full of dumpster fires that need to be put out


    first - all hands on deck, put out the fires, and do not do anything else - that means, no new events, no new updates unless they consist solely of fixes for the dumpster fire problems

    second - once the system is stabilized (and that may take a long time yet), then prioritize what new things need to be released - i did not say to release anything yet, here in step two ... just to prioritize

    third - now, one prioritized thing only (to start out with), figure it out and test, test, test (check, re-check, and do it again). if it is not confirmed to be safe and secure and 100% effective as intended, do NOT release it. instead, stay in this step three and re-do until you can get to step four

    fourth - did you confirm the new item to be released as safe and secure and 100% effective as intended? if no, go back to step three. if yes, then release and wait. that means, do nothing else, and wait for feedback from players on this new release. if they find something about this new release that you missed in step three, they will let you know about it and give you an earful for not fixing it in step three. so, fix it and do nothing else unless and until it really gets fixed (ie, go back to step three and start again)

    fifth - if nothing needs to be fixed on that new release, after players complaints about it drop to and stay at zero, then and only then pick the next item in your priority list from step two and proceed to step three for this next item

    overall - like a doctor, you first should do no harm - put out existing dumpster fires and do not start any new dumpster fires. if you fail, your name will be mud. worse, the licensor of all things potter will no longer want to be associated with someone who splatters their name with your mud. and we will move on because you could not or would not follow these 5 steps.

    thank you

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