I need help to make a decision. About the "complete 2 wizarding challenges with 3 team mates"

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Okay as you can guess its clear that im a solo player, again like everyone who have the same problem as me. I've never seen anyone in my local area regularly, meaning that i do sometimes see the fortress or the green house light up, but ive never meet anyone in person, because most of the time its on the mall when that happens, and they could be anywhere from starbuck's, the supermarket, pizza hut ,basically the whole place. there's no determined hot spot on where they could be.

Now my local resident is awesome, i've got plenty of inns, fortresses and greenhouses for me to play daily without leaving far away from my house, i could be playing for an hour and be back in less than 5 minutes, yes i feel extremely blessed. and am grateful for it. The formidable pixie was tough but i managed to finished it. It took me weeks or months ,dint keep track of time....but it was pretty long.

So after that i thought it was gonna be a breeze as in, YES! finally ! No more pixies ! no more blockage! time to move on and solo grind the story as far as possible!! because i did read the story carefully and gave hermione the doxy droppings for her to inspect. it was interesting.... and wanted to know more on what caused the calaminty...Anddddddd as soon as i saw the next SOS task...YEP it felt like the pixie again but worst. At least the pixie was at least possible. but now... Theres no way in **** im gonna finish this **** task.

The sense of wonder to the story is dropped and all i could think of ... what the **** am i suppose to do next ?.. I've never seen or meet anyone else playing this game, i would even sometimes purposefully put the sound on max when im on the mall so that i might hope of finding someone who played the game and say "hey! you play wizard unite?" but nope.. its just too many people walking around minding their own businesses even in restaurants .. SO IM DEFINITELY STUCK.

And creating multiple account is against the rules so... should i break it? because the only other option is to wait IN THE MALL ALL DAY hoping that SOMEONE might join in the fortress battle. now thats not gonna happen... why ? TIME i dont have the time or intrest to wait in the mall for the whole day (i hate malls) Its 9.9Km and 31minutes away from my home. That mall is the only mall that has active pogo players on gyms but on an arbitrary time. i've never meet them only in game, the mall is too big for me to search for them without any shape of form of communication. And its pretty far but **** the traffic isnt a joke every single day, morning and especially in the afternoon..

So should i waste my time waiting in the mall ? or just **** it and use my brother and my moms phone to make an account?

and.. i dont think i want to go to fb or discord to coordinate a schedule to go to a certain place just to finish an SOS task.. the reward isnt anything too special.. for me to face crazy traffic and waste my gas and i could be going somewhere much further than the mall i just mentioned. They shouldn't even call this an SOS mission if its not an SOS. Its more like a chore... i was really disappointed...i cant believe im stuck....

sorry it sounded like a rant... im just venting..

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    @Dock01 - you are not alone. that is, many of us are in the same shoes as you are, stuck at a nonsense SOS assignment because we are not in a position to battle with 3 “teammates”, not now and not ever. and many of us have complained, but they have fallen on deaf ears - @HPWUTeam

    ... or uncaring ears

    if HPWU organizers have heard or did care, they would have done something already to help solo or duo fortress challengers.

    maybe they think it is not a real problem unless and until they introduce additional lesson plans beyond this roadblock ... but they would be wrong. the bigger problem is that they will have proven themselves to be deaf to, and uncaring toward, the legitimate concerns and complaints of loyal players who by circumstance are limited to solo play or duo play instead of group play. and that is when they destroy whatever loyalty might remain to this game. sure, some of us might continue to play for awhile ... but only until something better comes around.

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    Thank you KIHEIKID

    Thank you OWLX


    Your advice really cheered me up :)

    oo sorry !

    And do you have that much access to other phones? well XD only my brother and my mother.. thats all!

    Would the attempt increase or decrease your enjoyment of this game? In all honesty... yes kinda ... because it'd take more time XD

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    Happy to hear there are others also facing the problem which means hopefully in the future they do something about this (May be something like alternate tasks for moving ahead with the storyline).

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    I’m hoping they are ignoring the complaints until there are more SOS assignments. Hopefully at that time there will be a work around for all solo players, myself included.

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    Thank you for the venting 😊. I’m in the same position. I live in a little town in Michigan and I am also stuck on the SOS mission. How can I add my complaint about this? My hometown has plenty of opportunities for solo play, but I have yet to meet anyone local who plays, so a team effort is not in the cards for me 😕

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    @Clover2 which small town in Michigan? I know people in Flint, Grand Rapids, Traverse City, Lansing, Kalamazoo, etc

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    CLOVER2  Thank you for commenting :) !!!! im glad i can find more people here to share the pain... :D

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    even though we play solo or maybe at most with one other person, we are not alone in this crusade

    so, to answer @Clover2 ’s question “how... ?”, we make our collective voices heard by supporting one another in these kinds of discussions and tagging @HPWUTeam just in case they had been unaware, rather than unsympathetic, of our complaints.

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    I'm in Australia and having the same problem. A work around is essential for those of us who cannot find other team members to physically meet up with. Come on Niantic, find a solution for the multitude of solo players out here!!!

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    Any wizards in Ipswich qld


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    March now and still no way to complete this challenge - Especially now with a global pandemic going on. Any movement on this, @HPWUTeam ??

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    Nope and with the lack of response on this item I don't believe they will change their position at this time. But again, it is the last SOS task. There's nothing after it yet and probably won't be until maybe the year release anniversary...

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