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    my 2 cents ...

    the good: excellent spell energy availability, via gift bundle, and as rewards for finishing each of 4 challenge tasks, and as fortress chamber rewards (supposedly even at regular fortresses, although i only battled at sponsored fortress today to be safe), and picking up lightning bolts off of map (though i was maxed out on spell energy the whole time so i could not pick up from the map)

    the best: guaranteed drops of exploration family fragments from fortress tower chamber 1 and higher - i got to place 4 images of fortress-only foundables, and prestige the page containing the horned serpent eggs, all from farming these guaranteed drops

    the bad: HPWU boosted the wrong potion for fortress battling, in light of best rewards being available only after conquering forest chambers 2, 4, and 5 - when that high, healing potions (boosted in CD) are helpful BUT strong & potent exstimulo potions are a must, to cut through forest with up to 3500+ stamina points a lot faster or else time will run out. the other comments/complaints are correct - almost impossible for most solo players to conquer (unless stats and skill tree near maxing out). my wife (auror) and i (professor) barely survived forest chamber 5 today and we spent loads of strong & potent exstimulo potions and wit sharpening potions and strong invigoration draughts today - none of which were either provided as rewards or boosted for us to brew today. right church (idea of boosting potions) but wrong pew (boosting defense via healing potion instead of offense via potent/strong exstimulo & wit sharpening & strong invigoration)!

    the ugly: getting the start/end times mucked up so bad for so many players ... an extra hour tacked on ad hoc does NOT compensate folks for lost runestones, lost potions, lost spell energy, lost rewards ... and @HPWUTeam needs to make things right for everyone who lost resources. seriously. and the official apology is too sterile to be believable, no matter how sincere it might be - did a lawyer write that apology??

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    #6318 November, 2019, 05:01 am.

    by the way, the only method of communicating an apology to every single person affected is in-app posting; not everyone comes here to this forum or goes to social media

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    FWIW the Community Day is still listed as Coming Soon, not marked as complete and not greyed out. I doubt this is a bug because the most recent events have been marked as complete and greyed out as soon as all components have been finished

    I am hopeful the event will rerun soon

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    Let's re-run this CD event properly

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    In Spain we had 1h less of CD too. It was a pity.

    Maybe we can enjoy another CD next saturday...

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    My wife and I really enjoyed both the October and November community day events. We were prepared. Loaded with no.5 runestones, energy and potions, we worked through the assignments quickly and decided to spend the remainder of our time focused on Forest chamber 5. A dozen battles later we were just thrilled by the progress we made and we are quite satisfied.

    There is one thing I’m curious about. I always receive 500 CXP when I solo Forest chamber 5 with a no. 5 runestone. During the event, my wife and I were receiving 646 CXP per chamber working together. I was expecting a bonus increase of 50% or more as advertised. Did I read that wrong?

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    @OriginalCaruso thsnk you! It was fantastic to play with ither people of similar level etc! We opened dar chabef 2 and i got the sos achievement! Very chuffed 😀

    Oops- wong pic sorry!!!

    😊 yay- at last!! Lol

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