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So.. I am a professor and have been on this task since the beginning of October... I was originally an auror, but after hearing that professors get pixies more often I changed my profession... I need 3 more pixies to fulfill my sos task achievement, but no more formidable pixies have appeared since 2 wks a go TT any suggestions?



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    #213 November, 2019, 01:14 am.

    This is a repeat, but here we go:

    Okay, let me post a link to help. It worked for me and I am an Auror as well.

    This is from all the work @AuroraKadavra did so you can thank her! 😊

    Not found any in lvls 1-3 ruins.


    L1 MG&S, L1 Back 2 Hogwarts-4runes = 5 F. Pixies!

    Lvl 5

    L1 B2H x 2 F.Pix

    Lvl 6

    L3 myst Atrtif, L2 LoH, L1 B2H, L3 LoH x 2 F.Pixies! L2 Hogwarts School x 2 F.Pix

    Lvl 7

    L1 B2H x 3 F.Pix, L3 Oddities , L1 potters Calamity x 2 F.Pix, L2 Dark Arts, L2 MG&S, L2 COMC, L1 MG&S

    Lvl 8

    L5 Dark Arts,

    Lvl 10

    L5 Hogwarts School

    There's also this from @LeFayeofAlbion

    We have all struggled with this one... And all around Lvl 26.

    You can also look at this discussion thread:

    Best of luck!

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    #313 November, 2019, 05:53 pm.

    @Bormacska got a formidable pixie in ruins 3 yesterday with a brilliant runestone.

    the results are a bit skewed because we are people who finished that SOS task. Once you finish it, formidable pixies are everywhere. So it would really help if people who are yet to come across the task or are currently working their way through the task would fill out the form

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    @Jennbadger0710 imo do the highest chamber recommended to you and the one above that as much as possible

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    The results I keep posting are from when I was actually lvl 26 and going through that SOS assignment. My guess is that as every person runs through levels and assignments they are usually in the same place.

    At the time of the formidable death eater SOS, I reversed the formula (used the professor tract of sitting in ruins 5 thru tower 4) and my professor friend used the above levels and runestones. We both walked through that assignment with ease. So my feeling is there is a formula there.

    I'm also noticing that as I climb levels I tend to see more of the rarer foundables that I wouldn't have been able to capture at a lower level. I don't think it is always just due to weather conditions or random, but what we can handle as we climb levels to keep us interested in the game.

    I will stop posting those results if they aren't working for people.

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