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The Palatine Public Library (Palatine, IL) is not listed as one of the libraries on the International Games Week Map. Is there still a way this library can be included in the event for the extra characters? We would like to promote it on our social media page.



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    @Kait109 The libraries around me are not listed on the IGW map, but I have seen increased spawns of Harmione around at least one and fellow players have confirmed sightings around another too. The library was a POI on the HPWU map.

    We haven’t yet had confirmation from the HPWU team, however by the looks of it, if a library is a POI on the HPWU map it is likely to have increased spawns. Since the event has started already, maybe go around the library a couple of times during the day to double check?

    @HPWULola would it be possible for you to confirm?

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