Departure Denied!

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I’d been staring at the clock on and off all night. With my feet up and drink in hand, I really didn’t feel like going out the door. In hindsight I should have let the wife complete my daily tasks for me earlier when she had offered, but I had waved her off presuming I would get up off my behind at some point today. I might have lost that bet.

So here I was, the witching hour upon me and though I was distracted I kept glancing at the clock, almost subconsciously. I chuckled and shook my head when suddenly I pictured Professor McGonagall with her usual stern glare and imposing finger in my face. ‘A Wizard never gives in to the voices of emotion in his head’ I could hear her saying ‘... and never deny your intuition; if you don’t use it, in time you will lose it!’

Sigh. I glanced at the clock; I had 20 minutes.

i Laced up my shoes, donned my black Tilley and out the door I went leaving my wife smiling knowingly behind me. By the time I got to the Fortress and completed my daily assignments, I still had a few minutes to burn. I figured I might as well stick around and get a head start on my next set of dailies. There was an Inn nearby and I immediately beelined for it. I had time.

I slowed my pace as I approached the Inn, gazing down at my phone. Suddenly the hairs on the back of my head began to rise as I heard a familiar sound I have grown to know all too well, the rushing of air. I instinctively doubled over while turning to face my opponent, the silver blur of his broadsword nearly taking my head off.

Time slowed instantly as my awareness was jolted to its peak and I began to circle my foe, a towering armoured knight with broadsword in one hand, and the last fragment I needed of the philosophers stone casually being juggled in the other. ‘I hear you been looking for me’ he said, smiling. ‘Indeed’ I replied as I moved my cloak aside, reaching into my tunic for a dawdle draught I had been saving for this very encounter, wand at the ready. ‘And it’s about time already!’

He shook off my first cast with ease, never ceasing to taunt me with that smile, juggling the stone as I circled around him. I dodged his return and immediately hit him again, wand quivering from the effort. I then fell to one knee as I saw the telltale sign, he was beginning to depart and I could hear him roaring with laughter. ‘Noooooo!!’ I cried. Then it happened; Departure Denied! ‘What??’ I yelled, incredulous. I didn’t waste another thought. I raised my wand and struck him again, still on my knees. He went down in a heap, finally releasing that beautiful red gem. What a thrill. I doubt it’ll always work out so well, but it really is nice to know when the Dawdle Draught is working. Well done Niantic! 👍

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    @ZookiTabooki That is awesome! Congrats on the last piece of the philosophers stone that you needed. Also nicely detailed post, I really enjoyed reading through it. Lesson learned - you should always listen to McGonagall 😂😊

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    That is just pure genius!! Made my day! Right there!

    About to go pottering now & il leave my forum catch up on that note....cos....perfect!!! 👌🙌

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    Love the story telling!

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    Well done, sir. You know, I have a feeling that the use of Dawdle Draught in any other context would be illegal and immoral. Its effects sound awfully similar to another "potion" that rhymes with goofy.

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    @Acumen It took me a few minutes to decode your reply. Lol I agree, it would be bad form in any other context.

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    @Acumen and @ZookiTabooki

    I'm crying!!!!

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