how many family xp for using specific runestone in fortress?

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i know there are charts for how many challenge xp one gets for using a particular level runestone in a particular chamber level, and with how many partners.

but successful wizarding challenges also reward a number of family xp corresponding to the family of the runestone used. is there a chart or formula for how many such family xp will be rewarded depending on level of runestone and level of chamber ?

(i ask, because sometimes i cannot decide which family and level of runestone to use, but if one particular family is so many family xp away from my ranking up and getting a runestone of that family from the rank up, then with such information i can more efficiently choose which family and level of runestone to use, and essentially get back a runestone of same family (though not necessarily same level) as the one i choose to use for that fortress battle)



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    I haven't been keeping close track but, in my experience, Family XP (when applicable) is always 10 or 11 regardless of runestone, level, team size, or fortress type (sponsored or non). The only exception has been events, like the recent Harrowing Halloween event, where family XP for Dark Arts was 25 or 35 XP at sponsored fortresses.

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    thank you @Acumen ... 10 or 11 family xp does seem familiar now that you mention it

    still hoping someone out there already has charted this, but otherwise we all might want to start keeping track

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    I don't think there's a chart because none is needed. Under normal circumstances (not during an event which may change the results), it's always 10 family XP if you receive a family fragment that hasn't been maxed yet, including when you receive that last fragment, say 15 of 15. After that, say 16 of 15, it is 11 family XP until you are able to prestige that page and reset the fragment count. I have hundreds of pics to support this.

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    great - thank you for the explanation !!

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    I think this article may help. Also the hub is a great information resource

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    thank you @Owlx

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    You're welcome 🙂

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