Short and sweet Halloween event

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I was a little disappointed it took only 30 minutes for me to complete the Halloween challenges; however I was very excited by the presence of the female wizard and death water. Please keep them!



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    Agreed with @Noni69

    After so much anticipation, it is over within minutes.

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    I had mixed feelings - i was sooo excited for it, and then when i saw the new female characters & the very first thing i got, first time in, first rune was just the Basilisk- which on the thumbnail i was like...'oooh- its a T-rex ' 😂 but it looked cool once went in.

    Il post shots below i took - was able to cos i could let it hit me no probs i soon worked out after killing it in 2 straight.

    So I was disappointed how quickly it went down, i really thought it would be harder! But then i remembered that some players are brand new, and only just opened level 4 ruins, so they needed a chance in there & as there was only the one chamber level that's probably the only way they could have made it accessible for all.

    I immediately was struck by the seemingly strange movements of the female characters- there was just something off? Which we dont see in the dark wizards or death eaters- so maybe just unfinished as full characters?

    But i hope they introduce them as permanent characters once they've given them the panache of the death eaters cloak swirling & the menace of the dark wizards intent.

    The tasks were finished 10 mins in, again this was disappointing for me- but I get itwill be for people with limited time mid-week, so i think they are really focusing on giving everybody the same chance?

    Maybe if they'd had 2 dark chambers, one for beginners, one for experienced & people could choose, then in higher one make the Basilisk an awesome foe?

    But theres still fantastic rewards, placed Magic is Might statue & Knockturn Alley sign, that was cool, and ive nearly placed Tom Riddles GStone now so hope place that today.

    Plus by earning all the dark arts xp i got an extra 3 level 5 runestones & some 4s in return for my lower ones! So thats cool too!

    Still plenty of time to rank up & get fragments placed & hopefully more high level runes, so with the knowledge that it was - a bit disappointingly easy- comes other rewards. Swings & roundabouts lol.

    But yeh- those female characters actually did scare me but not in the way intended! 😂

    I'm really creeped out by how they move!

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    Sorry- wrong pic!!

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    Yes! It was something a little off in the shape and movement of the hips and back end for me. It was like they had never seen a woman move before!

    However, I could never design something like that, so I can hardly talk!

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    I appreciate that one of them was also left handed! Thanks @HPWUTeam!

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    I also think that the Halloween event was very simple and quick to do.

    I have thought that it could be better.

    The thing I thought is the follow. First of all can the Halloween chamber not be on the level your last chamber level is at that you have finished complete (chamber level 5, 10, 15 or 20).

    Example so your tower level is forest chamber 2 then the Halloween tower comes at level tower chamber 4 because you have finished tower 5 ( is level 10)

    So the better your in the chambers the higher the Halloween tower is at. So for ever level of player the level is at his level.

    And then first you have to defeat the ministry people and the witches before you can defeat the basalisk. And the basalisk is at a highest level then every other dark witch or beast you can have at your level. Say twice as hard. More points to defeat. More impact on your points say 50 or more (3x or 4x or more points then every other beast witch or so).

    So then every player has his own level of play on this event. I hope to hear what people think of my idea.

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    I also thought that the Halloween event was too easy and very quick to finish. Although I loved the female witches, ministry woman and the basalisk.

    I thought I have an idea.

    The Halloween chamber is at level 4.

    So if you're in chamber level from 1 till 5 your in that level.

    If you're at chamber level 6 till 9 your at that level too.

    But when you're at level 10 till 14 your Halloween chamber is at level 9.

    When at level 15 till 19 your at Halloween chamber 14.

    When at level 20 your at Halloween chamber 19.

    It means that if you have finished a chamber that then your Halloween chamber is level 4 of that chamber level.

    Another thing is that on Halloween that you first you have to finish the female witches and ministry woman before you can challenge the basalisk. And the basalisk is at the highest level of all the animals, witches, etc. Also the basalisk moves quicker then every other creator. And the basalisk takes more points of you then every other which darkforce , etc. ( More then 50 points or more, 3x or more than another creator.) .

    So for everyone on his own level it is difficult to catch the basalisk. So everyone has its own level of play and so for everyone it gets a challenge.

    Tell me what you think of this.

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    @AuroraKadavra you summed the event up every well.

    @xbjwx I like you ideas for more layered Halloween chambers.

    It's very important that new players have a fun event with achievable goals. Higher level players are really craving a hard challenge. @xbjwx ideas would accomplish both. Future event ideas .

    I also had mixed feeling about this event. I was worried about the timing. I was afraid I wouldn't have time to finish. I really wanted the title and badge for my ID.

    So on 1 hand it was great it was easy to finish. And very happy to be able to finish as a solo in fortress challenge. On the other hand I was disappointed the foes were soooo easy. I was expecting to need potions and have a wicked fierce battle.

    I liked Harry explaining the Bacilisk was blind. That help the story. But I took me 3 or 4 shots for a werewolf but 1 for a Bacilisk?!

    We're all learning including the developers.

    The animation for the Bacilisk was terrifying. I squeeded myself 🤣 the first time he can at me with those fangs.

    Female ministry official was good. The idea of the dark witch was better than the execution she moves wrong. Think more Bellatrix or Narissa. Not I dream of Jeannie's evil sister.

    I have my Bacilisk badge and title so happy. I also want to see the event foes in regular game chambers.

    Over all more treat than trick

    Thank HPWU team.

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