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Is it better to advance through the Profession flow chart first, or to Master each block before moving on? Discuss please!



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    I was wondering this as well. Is it better pick a line and follow it all the way down first? Or is it better to pick up some across the board? I personally have picked a line and followed it down. I do have a few in the other line because I accidentally chose them while trying to read what they were.

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    I believe, based on the math, that completing each level and then moving down provides the most balance between rapid advancement and power.

    If you master each block before moving down you will be spending the equivalent number of scrolls for diminishing power boosts. By moving down you need slightly more scrolls but gain more of a boost.

    Moving down one column may work if you're regularly playing in a group and want to focus on a needed skill e.g. healing. But for an evenly balanced character, especially if you play alone, this strategy might not be great. In addition you may get caught at a choke point and need to go back and work other paths.

    I am a professor and this information comes from studying the learning graph of the professor only.

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    As a Magizooligist I initially tried to go straight down the tree to get the powerful skills, but found myself stalling and not very powerful. I had to go back and fill in the parts I had missed.

    I found a much better approach was to progress the skills row by row, maxxing out the scrolls only and moving on, then also going from the top using the challenge books. Focusing on the attack stats where possible.

    The standard nodes don't give that much higher values down the tree, but the costs are much higher.

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    I am an Auror, and I am a bit lost on this topic, too.

    I am focussing in obtaining the square shaped skills because those are the ones you use against foes, I am neglecting to improve the skill Charm that passes the focus to other teammates because I play alone.

    Now with the green books I am unlocking paths that may be useful.

    Also, at the beginning (being myself a bit compulsive) I tried to fully improve each block before moving to the next, but because of this I am quite behind in the progression and weak (I am lvl 15, but only rank 4).

    All in all, I am not sure wich approach is the best, surely depends on how you play (I.e. alone or in team).

  • PecanGrowerPecanGrower Posts: 3 ✭✭
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    I hard charged to get the specific challenge Spells, then maxed each block. The spells are very powerful when fighting as a group.

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    There needs to be a balance, but in general, working through the talent tree and mastering each node will provide a balanced and more powerful wizard. I'm currently level 18, and nearly Auror level 6. This build works well with solo or teamplay.

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    Level 20 Rank 5 Professor (17 pts to Rank 6)

    I maxed all of the first 3 tiers, then focused on driving down paths to get to nodes that improve Stamina and Power. A secondary goal was to increase Max Focus for Fortresses. Improving Initial Focus won't be possible until the 3rd Brilliant event. My 3rd priority was improving the Deterioration Hex.

    There are two major bottlenecks in the Professor skill tree, so I have prioritized reaching and opening those skills to ensure that I could continue toward my primary target skills.

    Currently I am at 258 Stamina and 53 Power. Would be slightly higher except for a misclick that spent 22 scrolls where I did not intent. I wsh Niantic would put in a confirmation button.

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