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Apparently I’ve been warned, but I have completely NO IDEA what for. I have not used foul language, been rude to anyone, etc. For the life of me I cannot figure out what happened. I’m relatively new to the forums and I honestly have no clue what this is about...

@HPWUModEN can you please clarify?



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    #226 October, 2019, 07:09 pm.

    That is strange. I haven’t noticed anything worthy of a warning from you.

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    I wouldn't worry about it. As I mentioned on your other post about comment approval, this forum platform has some wonky built-in controls for moderation. There were a couple others who've received the same warning and it turned out to be an automated message triggered by flood control. They admins could probably tweak with the thresholds a bit to keep it from happening to valid users engaged in normal conversation, and it's been brought up before. I imagine they'll continue to make improvements over time, but it probably isn't high on their priority list compared to rolling out updates and bug fixes to the app itself.

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    #426 October, 2019, 07:56 pm.

    Thanks @Acumen. I’ll just move on and hope it was due to what you described.

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    #528 October, 2019, 12:45 am.

    So, back when I first joined, I received two warnings as well and I had no idea why. Back then we figured out that it was because of language, even though the words that got me in trouble were.... nothing bad at all. I'm pretty sure they changed things since then, because it's never happened again, but yeah. Usually warnings here are for tiny things and sometimes even bugs.

    Here's my original post about it even: https://community.harrypotterwizardsunite.com/en/discussion/1573/urgent-help-needed-received-two-warnings#latest

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    the warning points stay on your record here longer than DMV traffic violation points (typically 18 months)

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    #728 October, 2019, 10:14 am.

    Thanks @JulieJubz I’m pretty sure it was for the same “d” word you mentioned in your post when it happened to you. If they’re that sensitive about it, I’m surprised anyone is still here at all! At least my warning expires in 42 years!

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    #830 October, 2019, 10:26 am.

    Lol- yeh, I'm pretty sure we all got warnings in early days! Virtually all were removed as werent warranted.

    @MrSciGuy defo don't worry bout it, your posts are always fab! Keep on truckin! 😊

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    #930 October, 2019, 10:28 am.

    Thanks @AuroraKadavra! Still no clue what it was for. I reached out to support in-game to ask as well as to please have it removed. I received an extremely generic and vague response that was completely pre-written and did not answer my questions in the least.

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    #1130 October, 2019, 05:07 pm.

    @DubiousAffairs lol, I can imagine. I wonder what Fred and George would get up to on the forums... 😂

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    #1230 October, 2019, 05:18 pm.

    "I hope you know that this will go down on your permanent record!"

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    #1330 October, 2019, 06:20 pm.

    @MrSciGuy yeh i did same early on when got warned for nothing. Got the generic reply too. So then i screenshot the warning that has the message relevant attached. I addressed the email back to whoevers name was on the top, included the screenshot & asked please could this be looked into, explained I was very upset & felt it was very harsh considering.

    So when i did that, i then got a real reply with a non- generic response saying they'd look into it. I might have sent another with same attached saying it was being looked into & please could they let me know how that was going as I was worrying about it.

    I then finally got response saying it was lifted.

    Just thought I'd let you know how a couple of directed emails, with the evidence attached & your explanation might help get that lifetime warning lifted lol! I know it can be upsetting when you feel its harsh & undeserved. In case you'd like to give that a go?

    But- Fred & George would have worn theirs like a badge of honour lol, so please don't worry 😊

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    #1430 October, 2019, 09:28 pm.

    @AuroraKadavra Thanks for the advice. Sounds like you put a lot into that for such a silly thing to begin with!

    I responded back on the bot in-game and explained my case and how I was not happy with the vague generic response. It looks like @HPWULola got it all taken care of for me, so thank you so much!!

  • hpwulolahpwulola Posts: 946 admin
    #1530 October, 2019, 11:21 pm.

    Hey everyone! As Wizards Unite is a game that reaches people of all ages, we do have strict moderation when it comes to profanity on the forum. I totally know that all of you mean well, and can look into some cases personally when this happens. Let's remember to keep things friendly 😁Thanks!

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    #1631 October, 2019, 12:23 am.

    Thank you @HPWULola

  • AuroraKadavraAuroraKadavra Posts: 1,007 ✭✭✭✭✭
    #1731 October, 2019, 08:09 am.

    Yeh @MrSciGuy i was quite upset by it in the beginning cos id just got started, then got a warning & id not used even a smidge of bad language! So was just confused.

    But they were really good & removed it, so i was relieved. Iv had a warning since then but that was fair enough & i knew wot for so wasn't goin to argue that one.

    Totally agree @HPWULola the focus of the forum should always be kept positive when possible, even when complaining about a bug that can be done in a proper manner. Defo never excuse for bad language its always easy to use another word instead to make a point.

    We'll all be good and play nice I promise 😊- well, i promise for me, but keep your eye on that @Craeft ! He's a wiley one- maybe take half his points off just in case - to ensure he behaves 😂😂😂

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    #1831 October, 2019, 11:19 pm.

    Yay, thanks @AuroraKadavra for chiming in!

    I would also like to add that we are totally accepting of all feedback. We want players to feel free to share their thoughts on the game on this forum! 🙂It's helpful for us to understand all of your stories!

    Also, where has @Craeft been!? I miss his funny stories!

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    #1906 November, 2019, 01:22 am.

    [Craeft appears briefly before @HPWULola , winks, and then vanishes... leaving behind a blue and shimmering yellow orchid].

  • hpwulolahpwulola Posts: 946 admin
    #2006 November, 2019, 10:09 pm.

    @Craeft 😱

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