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Trying to decide where best to spend GSB

Could either of you or anyone explain what impairments and enhancements are in game for fortress.

Impairments our deterioration hex?

Enhancements defense spells potions and team mates?

I solo Fortress so I'll eventually fill in the team lessons. Right now the goal is the strongest Professor I can build with spell books I have before Halloween.

If this has been discussed in another thread. I apologize I didn't find one in search.



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    These are current stats. Spent some GSB in defense and proficiency and to open other lesson nodes.

    Thanks for your help😊

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    So far, I've used my green books to max out both my deterioration hex and my defense charm. I did confidence a while back, just to unlock the path to increased focus. This time around, I went with Restricted Section to boost my defense a little more against foes with one or greater impairments. I'm about halfway through maxing out my proficiency charm, but those green books probably would have been better spent elsewhere since I usually go solo on fortresses. Meh, it's all good.

    I wouldn't give it too much thought. If more power sounds cool, then get it gurrrl. When it comes to defense or power, both will noticeably improve your ability to power through the more difficult chambers, so I don't think there's a wrong answer. 😉

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    @Acumen I think in the "defense vs. power" discussion, they will both help you but focusing on power first will get you through the challenge faster which means less energy used.

    @Owlx Impairments on your foes are your deterioration hex or one of an auror's hexes. Enhancements are your charms (defense or proficiency), a magizoologist's bravery charm, or having a brain elixir or trace tonic active.

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    @MtPollux I thought I read somewhere but can't find it again. That potions also counted as enhancements. BBE exstimulo and the wit sharpening potion.

    Any idea if that's true?

    Thank for explaining in impairments and enchantments. It is helpful and appreciated.

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    @Acumen I maxed the defense charm. I was better able to defeat forest 1. Still a bit too expensive potion wise. I'll lower chamber until I can max stamina. Goals.

    Thank you for all you help and suggestions!

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    @Owlx BBE and the trace tonic are the two potion enhancements. I can confirm BBE but haven’t seen it yet with trace tonic. I go with power before stamina, but I don’t totally ignore stamina either. As I climbed the tower, it became apparent when I needed to work on it. I’ll max my stamina last. I’m actually at the point where I just need my last protego power lesson and then the last two stamina lessons (red books). For green books, I’m going back to the top of the lesson plan to get the hat lessons that mention enhancements. But I’ve been playing with at least my hubby for a few months now. Magizoo, he heals/revives, so stamina isn’t quite as much of an issue. Haven’t played solo for a while. I don’t know how high I could battle solo without potions anymore.

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    @Owlx not sure how much of a help this is, the others have pretty much covered everything. But i virtually always solo, and i maxed my stamina pretty early on. Ive found that to be invaluable in being able to just manage to save a healing potion at times etc.

    So for me, maxing my stamina was the best move. Its waay below yours tho- im rather jealous of professors now! Lol

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    maxing out stamina is overrated unless you are battling at higher level fortress chambers (say forest and above) ... in the lower level chambers , you can let yourself get knocked out (reduced to zero stamina points), let the knock out timer run (the higher the level, the longer the timer), and then go right back with max stamina re-set again ... with time to spare. this saves you a healing potion.

    this “fainting” trick does NOT work at higher levels, because there are too many foes with too much stamina themselves ... and the knockout timer is too long.

    i am a professor with 359 stamina (23/25 stamina lessons) and it will cost me 30 red books for step 24 and another 30 red books for step 25 to max out stamina, and that is not best use for red books yet.

    you can check out

    there is a tab for each profession

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    #1026 October, 2019, 10:04 pm.

    @kiheikid - We are similar level Professor I believe (37) therefore similar progression on the Professor lesson plan. If correct you will need ~85 Red books to finish the last 3 Red book lessons and ~120 Green books to complete the whole plan

    Given the Green books can only be gained every fortnight (roughly) it strikes me that Red books will be quicker to gain

    I could be wrong, but I suspect I will have some Red books stockpiled before I complete the current plan, I have 6 and need another 79 - along with the 1881 scrolls in-hand I am hopeful I will be able to quickly complete the first few lessons of the new plan

    Time will tell...

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    @OriginalCaruso - thank you; i am probably a bit behind you on the development tree, but here are my stats and lesson plan progress:

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    i mostly solo but occasionally will team up with my wife, an auror. she started out as a professor, but switched fairly early over to auror and seems pretty pleased with her superior firepower.

    we do not know any others in our area who play.

    the two of us currently are content to team up at forest chamber 1 if we want to grind for challenge xp without expending too much in potions and spells.

    if i solo, i prefer to battle at tower chamber 3 (my sweet spot, based on optimal return rate for exploration family fragment - which is my primary goal when battling in fortresses - and spells expenditure and potions expenditure. my max level conquered solo is dark chamber 1 (just today, on my third attempt).

    if she solos, she likes tower chamber 5 and is starting to transition to forest chamber 1. her max level conquered is forest chamber 4, if i recall correctly. she had attempted to solo in forest chamber 5 but set out with insufficient reserves of potions and paid the price (haven’t we all?).

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    i can attest, after battling in dark chamber 1 today

    that time is the key factor in surviving or not surviving a high level fortress battle, and so in my experience and opinion, one has to avoid the longer slugfests trading punches with high hit-point foes. that means power, and lots of it, via maxing out your power , your precision + critical power, and willingness to use potent exstimulos snd strong exstimulos and wit sharpening potions, to end those foes as quickly as you can. it will cost me another 60 red spell books to get my last 38 stamina points to max out as a professor, but those extra 38 stamina points are not going to save me time in battling it out and i can compensate for not having those extra 38 stamina points by popping a healing potion earlier.

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    @kiheikid - it’s a grind here on in, pushing to get the Red books takes planning then time and hopefully proximity to Inns and a Tower. I managed another 2 Red books tonight and part way to the next set

    We play in two ways, first is to not use potions, second as high as we think we can manage regardless of potion use. Choice depends upon available resource and time, not easy as we are very time poor

    And there’s no easy way to level up, except to put the effort in...

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    @OriginalCaruso - agreed

    i’m not even sure what is the point (for me) to keep climbing toward dark chamber 5 (i do not subscribe to mountaineer’s explanation “because it is there”), since my current sweet spot for maximizing chances of getting exploration family fragment (my primary objective) and challenge xp (my secondary objective), all at lowest cost (minimizing potions usage, spell energy usage, and time spent battling) is between tower chamber 3 and forest chamber 1.

    looking at my semi-depleted potions vault after finishing dark chamber 1 has caused me to reassess whether it was worth it ... right now, my answer is no, so i probably will not be in a hurry to solo attempt further on. if my wife the auror wants to keep climbing as a team, i’m happy to join in, but at some point it won’t make economic sense without a magizoologist and we don’t have/know one in our area

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    @kiheikid - The only way to eat an elephant is one plate at a time. And this is an elephant of a game

    Just keep on going, doing the best you can with what you have. I suspect this will all even out in the end, I have to believe the imbalance between Professor and Auror / Magizoologist lesson plans will be addressed down the line

    We have tried and failed Dark Tower 5 twice and I’m not in a hurry to try again soon. Simply too many spells and potions required to succeed - not forgetting the chance of getting too many Wizard opponents to further complicate matters

    I periodically rent the cauldron to top up on Potions, current capacity is 135 and I probably need more capacity...

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    #2027 October, 2019, 07:58 pm.

    One more thing - I am prioritising Dark Arts traces alongside Brilliant / Oddity traces to increase my rune count for 30th Oct event

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    #2127 October, 2019, 08:56 pm.

    also, if our professor skills from the very last remaining lessons to be learned on the skill tree do not carry over to trace encounters and instead only apply within fortress battles (the difference between current 359 stamina points and costly upgrades to 376 and then 397 is practically meaningless in trace encounters), then i really am unsure why i am **** for challenge xp and red spell books at all.

    i personally do not care as much about challenge registry fragments - if i am “ripped off” from not getting my more-desired exploration family fragment in certain wizarding challenges, the challenge registry fragments are no consolation to me

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    #2227 October, 2019, 09:47 pm.

    @kiheikid - Not every upgrade is useful in every situation BUT without completing every part of the first lesson plan it is (probably) not possible to start the second lesson plan

    I do agree some of the Professor lessons are meaningless outside of Towers, using your example of increasing stamina is quite correct. However, I think I am not spending enough time in Towers otherwise I probably wouldn’t have so many scrolls waiting to be used

    I don’t think I am being ripped off, simply that I need to endure and push on to get to more meaningful upgrades

    To put it another way, I played Ingress and reached Level 16 - anyone who plays Ingress will say L16 is hard to achieve, but there are no higher levels after L16. I continue to play because Ingress is a brilliant game and like many players, I set my own objectives thereafter, but unlike Ingress, WU has more levels and the promise of more lesson plans

    Ingress does teach you patience though...

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    @OriginalCaruso Say I wanted to teach myself Ingress and reach level 10... how hard is that? I have no idea what ingress is about or how to play. But the benefits of being level 10 seem great for WU.

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    #2428 October, 2019, 05:56 am.

    @MrSciGuy - Level 8 can be done in a day assuming plenty of portals and a friendly player or two to help by smashing portals so you can claim and link. I played in London and spent every evening playing Mon - Weds and during lunch, still took me a few months to get to L10, it’s not a trivial undertaking. If you don’t have access to other players it will be doubly hard because you won’t be able to take out high level portals because your bursters will be too weak until you level up

    Also, assuming you get to L10, your portal submissions can take months to be approved

    However, Ingress is a fantastic game and has a comm tool to chat with other players so you might be fortunate...

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    #2528 October, 2019, 10:19 am.

    Thanks @OriginalCaruso I think I’ll hold off for now. That sounds like more than my schedule allows for at the moment. I appreciate the explanation, and now I know what I’d be in for. At least for now there are two inns not too far away.

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    #2603 November, 2019, 02:42 am.

    first please excuse that I'm not @ name reference to each of you here. So many comments.

    I wanted to thank every one here for the advise, suggestions, and tips. Because of the help from this professors thread I understand better there are no wrong choices, with time we will all fill out our skill trees. I tend to over think specially when I was faced with so many options. Originally it seemed more stamina would be better. Because of this thread I chose to go for proficiency power. Proficiency charm is now 5/8 (only one not maxed yet) Dementors lession for 32 scrolls and 21 RBS to 150%power! I have 13 RBS now.

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    #2703 November, 2019, 06:46 am.

    I need 67 RBS to finish the corresponding lessons and far too many GSB to count. RSBs are in sight though

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