October Halloween Event Time

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In the release for 2.5.0 it was stated that there was an event on Halloween. I am curious if more details of the timing can be shared. As that day is a thursday, it is likely more people will have school and/or work both on that day and the following day. Additionally many areas including mine have official "trick or treat" that night (6pm -8pm) in my neighborhood. The combination of the two makes it extremely difficult for large amounts of people to participate I would imagine. The only way I could, would be more advanced planning which I cannot do without additional details regarding the time etc. Even if I wanted to go out after trick or treating, sponsored inns close! It may be difficult at best to take advantage of sponsored locations at all during this event.

Please share at least minimal details with us as a time period is not a spoiler!



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    I agree @Ginnungagap . Here we do trick or treat every year on the Saturday before Halloween. Since it does fall on a Thursday this year, I will DEF have to make plans in advance or there's no way I can participate. And I'm so excited about this!!!! I would hate to miss out! Can anyone give us even just a time frame??

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    Agreed! I’ll be working on Halloween. I don’t need the activity plans and all those details, just the timeframe so I can try to make arrangements if need be. Thanks @HPWULola !

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    @HPWULola OK, thanks! So maybe I'll go to work then... darn. LOL

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    😂 dogoutlaw

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    @HPWULola Thanks!

    @Dogoutlaw lol 😂

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    Thanks, I was wondering about that too, it's very hard to make plans otherwise.

    Regarding sponsored inns, how do you know what those are or where they are? Is it only a US thing or will other areas have it too? Such as, in my case, Europe?

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    @FritLyreleaf there are some Simon malls in Europe as well as EE. I am not aware beyond that what sponsorships there are.

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    Simon malls? EE? Never heard of those so probably not here in the Netherlands.

    I tried googling it but get so many nonsense search results... or more questions lol

    Thanks though, at least I now know it's a very specific brand or store type of thing. That probably rules it out for a small country like mine.

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    @FritLyreleaf https://www.simon.com/mall/international

    There are 2 Simon malls in the Netherlands. EE is a phone carrier but may only be in the UK.

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    Oh thank you! Had a look, neither is very close, but if I get to know more Dutch players it might be worth planning an outing for a future event. I'd feel terribly out of place amongst stores like that on my own, but in a group I tend to be less self-conscious about things like that, too busy having fun! Oh, that is assuming entrance is open to anyone. The pictures are outside, so I hope so. I was shocked to learn from a friend that even over here some places don't allow people who aren't dressed to the nines in a certain price range, thought that was an American thing, on tv mainly. But apparently they have that over here as well. Hopefully those malls in NL aren't like that.

    Anyone reading this who knows either one? In Roosendaal or Roermond?

    I think you're right that EE is British. I may one day go to the UK to visit family, if that just so happens to be around an event I'll definitely look for more info on it ;)

    Thank you!

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    @FritLyreleaf there are other players here on the forum from Netherlands, lemme find their handles really quick.

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    @FritLyreleaf the other two I’ve seen recently are @ZaansGroen and @Jeroenix . In the Local Groups area of the forum, you can pin the map with your location as well as look for others who may be in your area. Good luck!

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    Had found some posts for local groups in other parts of the country, hadn't seen a map, will go look for it, thanks!

    Because I go from town to town a lot, I'd love to try and connect with people in different parts of the country. Let's see how that goes :)

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    Where is the local groups area of the forum? Under which section?

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