suggestion for renaming exstimulo potion

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by now, i hope the @hpwu team (incl. @HPWULola @HPWUFazes @HPWUMicah ) realizes from all the recent threads here that using the name “exstimulo potion” for the light blue potion can be very misleading, when the medium strength medium blue potion is called “strong exstimulo potion” and the dark blue potion is called “potent exstimulo potion”

many of us think in terms of comparisons and opposites. where there is a “strong” or “potent”, there must be a “weak” or “impotent” (smirk)

so maybe rename that light blue potion as “weak exstimulo potion” or “basic exstimulo potion” or “regular exstimulo potion” ?? and then the generic “exstimulo potion” can be saved for referring to the entire class of power boosters - basic & strong & potent

even if you do not do this soon, for heaven’s sake please have the future brilliant event task instructions clarify expressly that the strong and potent will not count when you all want only the basic version to be used. i look on with tremendous sadness and concern that my wife might give up soon on this game, after she futilely used up her entire supply of 7 potent and 4 strong exstimulo potions because of the confusion suffered by her and many other players who have complained about this brilliant event’s task 3 requirement to use 5 exstimulo potions, and she fears using up her gold just to buy enough potents to comply with task 4 of brilliant event week 2 later this month.

thank you

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    @kiheikid , I'm so sorry to read about your wife's situation. Please let her know that I'm thinking about her, and that she can refill her potion supply with time. I brew pretty much 24/7 and rarely spend gold for any ingredients. It's very disheartening to spend potions and not get the result you wanted. Hang in there!

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    you are very kind @NursePoppy

    my challenge for today is to convince her to go out “pottering” with me this afternoon - first by figuring out an answer to her semi-rhetorical question “what’s the point?!”

    hoping she can open some portkeys to get extra unicorn hairs — that is the big stumbling block

    spoiler warning re brilliant week 2 task:

    i have elsewhere commented on the upcoming brilliant week 2 task 4 requirement to use 5 potent exstimulo potions. the belief according to guide is that 2 potent exstimulo potions will be given out as reward for completing earlier task, but that still leaves 3 more to be purchased (if not brewed with available ingredients) and the potents/unicorn-hairs are expensive. she had plenty and now has none, that is the crappy part ... because of poor naming/communication ( in our opinion), she fruitlessly and quixotically used up her potents and strongs trying to satisfy a task this past week with less than clear instructions (and of course many others have suffered from the same issue) ... hence this thread OP suggestion

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    One of the things I wish we could do in HPWU is to be able to trade items with friends. Daughter and I are getting ready for Satuday's Community Day and, while I have piles of dragon claw for Barrufio's, she has only 6.

    Mrs. Kiheikid: walking is good, husband time is good, catching things is fun, please keep pottering a bit longer.

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    thanks @NursePoppy for your encouragement

    update: i was able to persuade my wife to go out pottering, if only to keep me company. she had a 2km portkey unlock while we were out and after she opened it at home, she was rewarded with 1 unicorn hair, and a boggart cabinet fragment ... not too bad for 2km. in contrast, my 5km portkey also unlocked and its rewards were not as exciting. she is still starving for unicorn hairs but the one she received from the 2km portkey this evening helps a little. we still think requiring use of 5 potents in briiliant event week 2 coming up is too high/expensive a bar for many folks to reach (even if they had not fruitlessly wasted them already in the brilliant event week 1 just ended)

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    I would prefer good old: basic, advanced and expert Extimulo potion.

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    @kiheikid This is good feedback, I'll pass it along! I love hearing about you and your wife's Harry Potter adventures! I hope she keeps playing :)

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