How to Share a Screen Recording on YouTube

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This thread is for @Dogoutlaw, but it may be something you would enjoy too.

This is using the Android software AZ Screen Recorder and I have previously shared videos so your experience may differ slightly. I show sharing and editing a previously recorded video.



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    Video screen capture on iOS is similar to any other device. Swipe down from upper-right where your battery and network icons are displayed. There should be a record button among the others for flashlight, camera, etc. If you don't see a record button you can add it to your control center via Settings - Control Center - Customize Controls. If Screen Recording is not visible in the Include section, scroll down in the More Controls section and hit the plus symbol to add it.

    Once you have it in your Control Center, just swipe down from the upper-right of your screen as explained above, and hit the record button. Do whatever it is you want to record on your screen and, once you're done, go back to Control Center and tap the record button again to stop recording. The video will be saved to your Photos and Videos just like any other.

    If you pull up the video in your Camera Roll and hit Edit, you can trim some off the beginning and ending the same way as demonstrated in @Osprey1's video. Just drag the arrows at the start and/or end point of the video to the spot you want to begin and/or finish at.

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    I commented instructions for iOS, but then attempted to edit the comment too quickly after posting it which triggered our good friend, Flood Protection. So now I'm in purgatory, waiting for approval.

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    And it looks like you're still in purgatory @Acumen . I have the videos edited and whatnot on my iphone, no biggie. It's just a matter of getting it/them on the forum without using YouTube or another party... :/

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    Deleted post.

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    @Acumen I didn’t know you could do screen recordings on iOS without downloading an app. Thanks for the great explanation, just tried it and it was awesome. I’ll definitely be using it now that I know it’s there and how to use it.

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    I hadn’t discovered it until fairly recently myself, @Imaginatio. You’re most welcome. 😊

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