My Vault Is Bigger Than Yours

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Isn't it cool how we can earn enough gold just from daily tasks/treasure each month to purchase a vault extension package (or individual extensions of your choice) and some extra runestones? I also give myself an allowance of one pocket full of gold (+425) every two weeks.

At three months in since the game went live, I imagine my overall vault capacity is comparable to most players. Let's find out!

I haven't felt the need to expand my energy capacity beyond 200. I keep it topped off, and seldom fall below 100. During events, I hang out at spots with plenty of inns to keep my spell energy full as I go. Same with fortress runs.

I regularly increase the capacity on both potions and ingredients, and will probably continue to do. I already use a significant amount of potion each day on fortress challenges and high-threat confoundables, and I haven't even tried to take on the Dark chambers yet.

I'm not too worried about seeds and water. I may expand it a bit to hold more water for planting at multiple greenhouses, but it's not a priority.

What about you? How does vault capacity relate to your strategy?



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    #225 September, 2019, 10:00 pm.

    @Acumen wow, that’s awesome. You’ve got a good capacity for your vault and spell energy. I’ve still got a long way to go before I get near that, especially since I only keep to earning gold from the game. I will probably keep using the gold collected to get the bundle increase for a while and then once I get to a point I’m okay with, I’ll use the gold to get other things such as silver keys or to rent the gold cauldron. I’m unlikely to use any gold on the seeds and water capacity though as its current capacity is enough.

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    @Acumen Great title! But you know, it's not how big your vault is, it's how well you manage your assets! 😉

    I commend you on your patience waiting to take advantage of the vault extension pack. I prefer to spend as I go depending on my needs in the moment. Clearly your strategy worked well for you. I can't yet justify ingredient capacity as large as yours as I can replenish pretty quickly and easily keep the cauldron going 24/7. Currently at 390 and I'm good with that for now.

    I recently increased my potion capacity to 95 as I really needed the space to help tackle my first dark chambers. I would like to double that so I can handle more than a pair of chambers before running out of potions. Working on that now. Fighting Forces Brilliant Event will also help take some heat off the potions by maxing the last of my defence bonus excited.

    My energy cap is at 215. I intend to double that too so I can meet my daily need without having to make more than one energy run per day. I may even go as high as 500 for a little padding. Potion cap is priority for me atm. Not at all worried about seeds and water, and I don't foresee that changing anytime soon.

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    #426 September, 2019, 03:22 am.

    Energy at 505, potions 120, ingredients 360, seeds / water 55

    I struggle to get energy due to location so a bigger tank helps, when topped up lasts a few days

    I keep ingredients and seeds trimmed though with the introduction of TFTD potion will need to increase size

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    #526 September, 2019, 04:01 pm.

    I suspected many players would have greater energy capacity than I do, and I can certainly imagine many scenarios where that would be a priority.

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    #628 September, 2019, 08:09 am.

    SO IS YOUR ........

    (pls, fill in the dots)

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    #728 September, 2019, 11:12 am.

    Love the title @Acumen ! And your vault is indeed waaaay bigger than mine!! Lol

    Ive got spell capacity at 155 but need to increase that asap cos as you say keeping it above 100 then each day can come in so useful for unexpected trips into rural areas with no inns perhaps? Or for an extra set of high level battles u suddenly feel the urge to do. So i intend to keep increasing that as main priority.

    My ingredients vault is a paltry 360 compared to yours! And i do find that cos im constantly picking everything up as @Dogoutlaw said in a post for the ingredients achievement it can very soon get full & i have to delete whilst im playing- so that gotta b second priority. Im grateful that you have summed up how we can do these things for free, and boost if you give yourself a pocket money allowance 😊 I think I'm due some cos i don't spend money much on myself at all, seeing as i play this game every day, i think i should entitle myself to £4.99 a fortnight on it! Hubby spends about that a day on his lunch & drinks from shop at work!

    Ive always had a bug bear with the seeds/water being just 5 slots for the same as the other more substantial vault extensions! So i just won't do it! Lol. No! Not hapnin! Cos i only really ever plant toadstools ive plenty room for those & water so thats enough of a strategy there.

    In summary though, im very jealous of the size of your vault (vault envy? 😂)

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    #828 September, 2019, 09:21 pm.

    Wow. I can't imagine lugging all that around....doesnt it hurt your hand? I must be OOT ( out of touch) here. But im content with 55 potions, 270 ingredients and 55 seeds. I see that the expansions are quite pricy, IMO ( 150 -200 gold), and net you 10 spots.

    I spend my gold on the RentaCauldron, and occasional spell energy when I want to stay in and the Traces come looking for me. I also must have a good location, 2 greenhouses and 1 inn within a half mile. And plentiful choices outside of that by bicycle, my preferred method of hunting. 🦊

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    #1006 October, 2019, 01:54 am.

    Energy 155

    Potion 125

    Seeds 60

    Ingredients 600 I got tired of having to dump to pick up things I needed.

    @AuroraKadavra loved your idea. Thank you. I gave myself a monthly allowance. Pile of gold once a month.

    I use the game earned gold for silver keys or cauldron time.

    Plan is to get energy up over 200.

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    #1106 October, 2019, 06:52 am.

    ,@Owlx I'm with you on the ingredients!- finding now that it's getting annoying having to keep empty as i go cos I'm pick everything up for the 20 000 achievement, so i think il take a leaf from your book & up my ingredients next.

    That's an impressive vault u got there!! 😊

    I have been focus on spell energy expansion but I'm resching the point now where im never in a situ where it goes below 40 so defo gonna change it up this month. & then alternate.

    I also like using my gold to buy the bag of runes now & then to farm for books in low chambers to presttige those pages.

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    #1206 October, 2019, 11:52 am.

    Energy: 255

    Potions: 115

    Ingredients: 270

    Seeds: 55

    I believe I've only spent money on this game twice so far. Once on one of the specials when it first came out and again a little while ago. I use to get Google play money that I occasionally spend on games.

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    #1306 October, 2019, 05:22 pm.

    I'm honestly thinking that I might wait until Christmas and gift myself a bag of gold. I'm one of the players who can't easily afford the dollar prices, but I really love this game, so who knows, maybe soon!

    But on that note, I almost have enough free gold to upgrade again and I can't wait, mwahahaha. I have no idea when I'll stop upgrading using the full vault extension.

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    #1408 October, 2019, 02:30 am.

    @AuroraKadavra I noticed today that seeds and water count for the pick up 2000 ingredients. I'm 6 away from that achievement. Both ingredient, and seed/water vaults are full.

    @Ginnungagap thanks for the google survey app downloaded

    @JulieJubz I justed added the monthly in game gold galleons . Suprising. Approximately 540 per month. 10 per day if you complete all daily tasks and 240 from daily gift from login. I might have to start budgeting in game galleons better💰

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    #1509 October, 2019, 02:25 am.

    I think I have an apothecological hoarding issue. I found erumpent horn in the wild with my vault full. And I ran out of ginger. Seriously ginger.

    I increased my ingredients vault to 630.

    I got 4 erumpent horns I regret nothing....

    I'm not picking up anything until I've brewed my vault under 550!

    But I got the silver achievement for picking up ingredients.

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    #1609 October, 2019, 02:56 am.

    Nice job, @Owlx! That gold achievement for picking up ingredients is rough! I probably won't finish that one until 2021.

    I had to do some expanding too, now that I need to store more ingredients for trace detection tonic. I had decided that it was useless to me, so I only kept enough ingredients to brew one batch in case an assignment called for it. Now that I've learned it's actually quite useful during events, some more shelf space seemed appropriate. I'm at 175 on potions and 690 on ingredients now, and I'm stopping there! That's plenty! (This is the same thing I said to myself the last three times.)

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    #1709 October, 2019, 09:19 pm.

    Funny enough, the 100 gold they gave us for the Baruffio (which I force quit out of and kept the money) got me to where I needed to expand again. Mwahaha... yeah I have a problem. I'm just going to keep expanding and expanding till the game cries.

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    #1817 October, 2019, 12:09 pm.

    Oh upon reading the above I feel a bit bad but also a bit less bad about what I've done ...

    I can't finish dailies except for a rare trip to a city or so, and being a rural player I really needed to expand SE storage so I could play more while home or in another rural area (for example, a town with only a fortress, nothing else in walking distance). I don't actually have the budget for luxury spending like this lol, but I pulled some stunts to save and shift things around (thát is just how addictive I find this game!) and bought lots of SE capacity... to increase the cap to 365...

    I know vault extensions are better in terms of value, I did get some of those as well so I could keep the potions cauldron going, but if you're in a rural area for 3 or 4 weeks those 10 SE for picking something up aren't enough to keep going, even if you use Exstimulos for every foundable. Yes, there are some daily rewards as well, and I am so very happy about the recent change to the greenhouses, really want to get out tonight and see it for myself!

    But simply put, in a rural area, SE gets used up way too soon. I missed out on a lot of the Brilliant evens due to lack of SE or the right POI. So while 365 may seem a lot, it also has to last very long. And if, like last week, I get a little bit carried away catching Oddities and Brilliant foundables, about a 100 SE is gone long before the Baruffio runs out!

    In other words, I'm quite embarassed, but think that of all people, you guys will understand ;)

    Also, really need to get myself to a city before the community day, we're going to need lots of leaping toadstools from what I've been reading!

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    #1902 November, 2019, 03:14 am.

    with my first ever purchase of vault extensions pack for 475 gold (which i saved up from event rewards, daily treasures, and daily rewards) — previously bought individual vault expansions of spell energy or potions or ingredients — my vault now consists of:

    spell energy capacity: 155

    potions capacity: 85

    ingredients capacity: 270

    seeds and water capacity: 55

    now relatively poor again, so this will be it until near end of the month at the soonest

    question for folks here who have huuuuuge spell energy capacity: how long does it take to fill up the tank, so to speak? or are you buying spell energy for coins?

    (we live in a rural area and do not have easily accessible inns and greenhouses. we have to budget time to drive into town and literally park ourselves in a spot with multiple inns in a cluster - and occasionally walk around within cluster if one or more inns “shrink” - for about an hour to fill up, unless it’s raining chicken/turkey dinners)

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    @kiheikid large metropolitan area. I work in a large sponsored mall. Lots of inns. Most are small inns 3 energy each. 2 laps is usually a fill up. I prioritized energy vault size. Increasing it so can last me thru my day off. I try to keep about 50 SE as my reserve. I also have to good parks. But out door play will change after if starts snowing.

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    edited November 2019 #2102 November, 2019, 07:48 am.

    @Owlx thank you for sharing

    this might qualify for that other thread:

    the good - stumbled on a place with 3 green inns all within a two minute walk of one another (less if we drive slowly)

    the bad - the place is in town, about a half-hour drive away ( we live in a more rural area )

    the ugly - we are finding excuses to run into town more often, and then we saw our gasoline credit card bills for the last 4 months

  • AcumenAcumen Posts: 1,102 ✭✭✭✭✭
    #2204 November, 2019, 05:39 pm.


    • Spell Energy Capacity: 215
    • Potions Capacity: 205
    • Ingredients Capacity: 810
    • Seeds and Water: 65

    Somebody, make me stop. Just kidding. I'll probably stop once I hit 250 on spell energy, 225 on potions, 900 on ingredients, and 75 on seeds and water.

    As far as spell energy goes, @kiheikid, I never buy any unless there happens to be some included in a nice bundle. I generally play in areas with at least a few inns nearby, and I keep my spell energy topped off as I play. There are seven green inns within a short walk from my home and a greenhouse I can reach from my couch, so I'm never hurting for energy. The large capacity is mostly for events. Those October events, with the strong focus on Oddities, were pretty tough on us Professors. I want to spend as little time as possible on replenishing energy while the event is in progress.

    When it comes to filling up on energy after it's depleted, there are a couple spots within a 15 minute drive from my home that have two dozen or more inns within a small area. Granted, most of the inns will be brown in large clusters like that, which only serve up items that grant 3 spell energy. Still, with so many of them, it never takes longer than 15 minutes to fuel back up, even if the tank is empty. This is what the POI density looks like at the local community college. Eleven blue inns, thirteen brown inns, and five greenhouses on the main campus, and I ususally walk around the park south of campus as well.

  • kiheikidkiheikid Posts: 2,168 ✭✭✭✭✭
    #2304 November, 2019, 06:28 pm.

    well, we made our choice years ago when we moved from urban area to rural area and HPWU spell energy was not part of the equation. we probably still would make the same choice today with HPWU spell energy availability (or lack thereof) under consideration ... but it’s always tough playing what if’s

    thank you for sharing your spell energy situation ... wow, a greenhouse available from your couch !!

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    #2407 December, 2019, 10:59 pm.

    I feel like randomly rearranging our vaults in ways that don’t make any sense is something the devs do for a laugh. You. You’re funny, you.

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    #2506 June, 2020, 09:11 am.

    So.... @Owlx You wanted to revive and update this thread? I know my vaults are teeny tiny still, compared to all of you!

    SE: 415

    Potions: 105

    Ingredients: 420

    Seeds: 60

    Come on, @Bormacska @OriginalCaruso @Dogoutlaw @Auror7 @AuroraKadavra @MrSciGuy @MtPollux @Milliebob13 @Lucoire @kiheikid... Put my numbers to shame!

  • Milliebob13Milliebob13 Posts: 73 ✭✭✭
    #2606 June, 2020, 10:09 am.

    So here goes me trying to justify my huge vault capacity.... 😩

    Energy - 835

    Ingredients - 600

    potions - 225

    seeds - 70

    I have just finished the bonus task so got vault extensions.

    plus I nominated the post box outside my office window as an ingress portal back in the day and it’s now an inn. 😊 so instead of buying SE early on I increased my Spell bucket capacity.

  • MtPolluxMtPollux Posts: 693 ✭✭✭✭✭
    #2706 June, 2020, 11:39 am.

    I won't put your numbers to shame @Magpie31 but here goes:

    Energy - 285

    Potions - 255

    Ingredients - 570

    Seeds - 55

    I haven't done the bonus tasks or the apology pack yet, so I have a little more to look forward to.

  • LucoireLucoire Posts: 1,189 ✭✭✭✭✭
    #2806 June, 2020, 11:46 am.

    Spell-Energy: 405

    Ingredients: 840

    Potions: 255

    Seeds: 55

  • Magpie31Magpie31 Posts: 1,223 ✭✭✭✭✭
    #2906 June, 2020, 12:03 pm.

    Apologies if this pops up twice - the post disappeared!

    @Lucoire, you went in hard on the ingredients! I have to admit, I am considering doing similar. Dragon Claw currently accounts for 20% of my ingredients (and I haven't picked up any off the map this week). I don't want to delete rare ingredients but I also need some balance!

  • OwlxOwlx Posts: 918 ✭✭✭✭✭
    #3006 June, 2020, 02:03 pm.

    Energy: 585 and still growing

    Ingredients: 870

    Potions: 235

    Seeds: 75

    after bonus increases

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    edited June 6 #3106 June, 2020, 02:12 pm.

    Definitely not putting anyone’s to shame here, @Magpie31!

    Spell Energy: 405

    Ingredients: 600

    Potions: 205

    Seeds: 55 (soon to be 60)

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