Question RE: Sponsored Fortress Perks

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in General Questions #1 latest comment 23 September, 2019, 06:53 pm.

Hi, hoping to get some insight from the HPWU community team about Sponsored Fortresses.

I saw a response from a member of the HPWU community team which implied that all Sponsored Fortresses having an active 2xCXP during the last Community Day was planned/deliberate. Is this true, and is it intended to be the "standard" behaviour of all Sponsored Fortresses during all Community Days moving forward? Can we get some official clarification on what all of the perks are for Sponsored Fortresses, aside from the +25% CXP boost which is active whenever the Sponsored Fortress is open?

Will all Sponsored Fortresses give 2xCXP during every Community Day? Does this also apply during other limited time events, or only Community Days? What are the "standard" Sponsored Fortress perks we should be aware of that will not be announced prior/during events because they are considered the default?

Thanks very much in advance! Appreciate all the hard work that goes into this game and keeping players happy. :)

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