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TL;DR version:

Emphasize the collaborative nature of the game, use Fortresses as the focus for Community Days, building toward a "defend the walls/Battle of Hogwarts" event concept

Long version:

Unlike Ingress (Niantic's first game) and Pokemon Go, Wizards Unite have does not have teams. There's no Enlightened/Resistance competition, no Instinct/Mystic/Valor question that causes families/friendships to fray (I joke ... sort of). Instead, HP:WU has professions where they are complementary to each other. Also, the story is every witch and wizard working together to defend the Statute of Secrecy from exposing the Wizarding world to the Muggles. At its core, it is collaborative as opposed to Niantic's previous two which are competitive at heart.

At the same time, Community Days are supposed to create ... well ... communities amongst the players. Meet new people and have fun playing a game we all enjoy.

The problem is that with the exception of the Fortress-based Community Day last month, all of the Community Days have been built around higher occurrences of given trace families. That's been nice for getting rarer Foundable fragments and extra XP, but it doesn't bring people together as we're all walking around. This is not to say that people don't have meet up sites (they obviously do), but the game isn't facilitating this. Instead, it is depending on players to look up groups outside of the game (or just hang out with their friends/existing groups).

*Okay, FireWanderer* you may be saying *so let's do more Fortress battles for Community Days.*

While that at least brings people to a given location so they can meet people & build community, there are two problems, one story-based, one logistical:

  • Story-based: It's not special. The main thing behind the events is that there is a flare up of Foundables and we need to band together because of the emergency. More Fortress battles is just more of the same as any other day.
  • Logistical: When you meet up with people you don't know, you end up with differing skill levels, mismatched professions (too many Aurors, missing a 'zoo, etc.), chamber depth success (end up choosing the weakest player's chamber) and more. Over the long haul, this will make players team up with those they know already.

However, the Fortresses have two advantages, again, one story-based and one logistical:

  • Story-based: A fortress is there to protect something. Out-of-game, it's a significant landmark.
  • Logistical: You can see a Fortress much further on the maps, and there are fewer of them, creating natural gathering spots.

So, here are three ideas built around Community Days and Fortresses

  • Short-term change: Make Foundables spawn at a higher rate around Fortresses during Community Days (including higher rarity ones as well). You can take what you have now, but use the natural landmarks to get players together. This will also cause more Fortress battles, which will help with further community building.
  • Medium-term feature: Add an ability to signal your friends to say "hey, I'm at X (Inn/Greenhouse/Fortress)." Having the ability to rally your friends (and hopefully, their friends, and their friends' friends, etc.) will further create community.
  • Long-term change: Make Foundables attack the Fortresses. Call upon wizards and witches to defend the locations. Think of it as mini "Battle of Hogwarts" events. It brings people together, but doesn't matter what their level is as everyone is on the ramparts. Together. For those in cities with high density, make only certain ones active (possibly move the location as the event proceeds?). For those in more rural areas, use an Inn or Greenhouse as the location to defend if there isn't a Fortress within a given distance (need to figure out that radius), but it needs to be highlighted on the map so players know which one to focus on. Finally, make the reward for a successful defense red spell books. This can help with the red book ceiling that are driving players batty.

You could even make the "defend the fort" event deal with waves that get subsequently harder (with higher rewards for consecutive defenses for those involved). If you need energy and have to withdraw, the wave might not be successful ... but if you are stuck there with no energy, you're a sitting duck. Obviously, this particular piece needs to be fleshed out and play balanced, but it's something different than the normal gameplay, it brings people together, and it deals with the red book ceiling in a way that fits with the story.

What do you all think?



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    #222 September, 2019, 01:03 pm.

    What do we think, well @FireWanderer not ashamed to say when I saw the comment on defending against waves I got goose bumps. Instant flashbacks to the Battle of Hogwarts scene! Phenomenal idea my friend!

    Increased spawn rates also a wonderful idea. If in addition to this we could influence the family of traces by whatever Runestones were used in the previous Fortress battle I think we would quickly see players flock together. We could do it similar to the Dark Detectors, the more Runestones of the same family used the higher likliehood of spawning a Severe or Emergency trace of that family. Ooo!!! And if waves defeated or level completed was a probability multiplier!!!

    We had a discussion a while back, since buried down the list, about designating Event Fortresses based on activity at that Fortress since the previous event and illuminating these as a golden beacon in the days prior to the kick off. Having these designated in advance would hopefully increase the likliehood of seeing someone else there, especially if we choose them based off recent activity.

    Perhaps... A floating score meter above the Fortress based upon cumulative levels beat or waves completed that distributes red books to its contributors based on progress on the meter. One Fortress award per player per event based on the highest level Fortress they participated in and a max reward of 10 red books per event. Thoughts?

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