Is there a strategy to get exploration foundables in fortress battles?

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Especially since tomorrow is community day, and I want to get as much fortress foundables as the foundables in the wild, but I hardly ever get family foundables (thus family XP) of the family runestones used.

Is there a way to ensure that you get family foundables atleast 90% of the time? I know Pokefodder had shared a strategy a long while ago, but that it doesn’t work anymore.

It’s really sad to go through a long and hard battle (forgive my dramatisation, but I have to) and come out on the other end with no exploration foundable to speak for it and a challenge foundable that has already been maxed even though there are foundables in that page still needing to be placed. The rest are just numbers. (No offence to those who like numbers, but they make my head spin.) (And I really want Sirius’s motorbike. Not just for the game. I just want a flying motorbike.)

There has got be a strategy. Not a ‘cheat’ by any means. But a proper game strategy. There has to be one, Right?



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    #220 September, 2019, 09:10 pm.

    My first thought when I read about the flying motorbike was, "I must have one."

    I don't think there's a solid strategy. I have decent luck, meaning that I generally end up with an exploration family fragment around 80% of the time, but I don't employ any particular strategy to achieve that.

    I use my level 1/2/3 runestones to battle in the Ruins and Tower chambers. I use my 4/5 runestones for the Forest chambers. I haven't taken on the Dark chambers yet. I also tend to exit the fortress between challenges, to check for any good foundables that might have spawned nearby. Those are the only things I do consistently that you might be doing differently.

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    #320 September, 2019, 09:36 pm.

    I wish we wouldn't need a strategy, that every runestone would guarantee at least one Family fragment, and never give us anything we have already completed, as that makes absolutely no sense within the story either.

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    For myself, it seems the higher I battle, the better the payout. As in upper Tower and Forest levels, that's where I've been playing lately. A good percentage of those give me a family foundable fragment. I also read somewhere if there's something you really want, say Sirius' motorbike, then pay attention to when you don't get a family reward. Chances are, you will get a family fragment on the next battle because you tend to not have two in a row of no family foundable fragment. I try to mix up the runestones I use so I don't burn through one family right away, but I always know if there's something I'm chasing (like those darned centaur bows!). So when I don't get a family reward, I play the family runestone I need to get the foundable I'm wanting. In the lower chambers, that doesn't work so well because there seems to be a lower return in those (meaning a few battles in a row with no family reward), but the upper ones seem to work like a charm. Since I have some pics of recent battles, here are some numbers 😂. 13 battles between Tower III and Forest II, 12 family foundable fragments received. The one I didn't get was from Forest II. Since this is just my experience, I'm not sure how it would be for others, but I would hope it would be similar for everyone. Good luck!

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    Oh, and in case it matters or is asked, I used runestones numbered 2-5. I leave the 1 runestones for book chasing in the ruin levels.

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    #605 October, 2019, 08:09 pm.

    wondering whether specific runestone level is more likely to return certain fortress reward foundables, but not others, within a family

    ie, if you need centaur bows but are filled up on horned serpent eggs (or vice versa), would you play the lower level oddity runestones (instead of higher) because centaur bows are on oddity registry page 1 while horned serpent eggs are on oddity registry page 2 ??

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    @kiheikid over tons of runs I see no correlation. Seems foundable returned is completely random within the family of the runestone. Floor level and rune level make no difference.

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    #809 October, 2019, 09:35 am.

    ok, thanks @Ginnungagap

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    #909 October, 2019, 09:41 am.

    I don't know if they fixed this yet, but this was a thing.

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    #1009 October, 2019, 10:41 am.


    That was incorrect, Lekey Velder released another video later explaining it was just poor use of statistics.

    Personally, I've had roughly 33% success with getting a foundable in Ruins, 60% in Tower and 100% in Forest and Dark, although with the latter I've only done each level once, so not good stats there.

    It doesn't seem to matter what rune level I use.

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    #1109 October, 2019, 06:27 pm.

    Yes, it does seem completely any utterly random, but I found this form on the hub discord if anyone wants to fill it out

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    #1228 November, 2019, 07:04 am.
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    #1329 November, 2019, 01:32 am.

    @kiheikid thanks! I saw it on YouTube too, but there was just too much data that my head hurt and I ran the other way? 🤪

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    #1429 November, 2019, 09:52 pm.

    i did find it interesting from the results discussed in the lekey velvet research project that the challenge family fragments for symbols of wizarding world (soww) are from lower fortress chambers than the ones for magical devices (md), even though on the challenge registry section inside suitcase, the md tab is closer than the soww tab to the left (where easier books and joke products are located) . apparently md fragments are more prevalent from low dark chambers, and wand fragments are more prevalent from high dark chambers.

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    #1501 December, 2019, 01:55 am.

    @kiheikid I got Harry Potter’s wand from dark 2 and I was so chuffed!

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    #1624 December, 2019, 03:48 am.

    for what it’s worth, da missus (mbs808) told me yesterday that she found an easy sweet spot at ruins chamber 4 where she was getting exploration family foundables regularly, using level 3 (or higher) runestones.

    we put it to the test today. she went 8 for 10 using level 3 & 4 runestones. i went 5 for 6 using level 3 runestones.

    seems pretty good to me.

    @LeFayeofAlbion - i got 6 fragments of hermione’s wand (challenge fragment) from successfully beating dark chamber 2 yesterday (first time in 3 tries), but since 120 fragments are needed to place the image of any of those wands, i just see one big plate of elephant (how do you eat an elephant? one bite at a time)

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    #1724 December, 2019, 07:17 pm.

    @kiheikid nooo don’t eat an elephant! Even if it’s in the room!

    I’m extremely cautious about using higher level runestones. They often get swallowed! TBH, I only use Brilliant runestones in the ruins chambers. Perhaps when I have Baruffio’s on, I’ll give it a try. Atleast I’ll get more challenge XP even if I miss out on the exploration foundables.

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    #1824 December, 2019, 07:49 pm.

    @LeFayeofAlbion - i used to feel the same way about wanting to save my higher level runestones, but getting runestone giftboxes now is a real gamechanger. the level 5s are still rare and i keep those for the (in my mind) epic gladiator battles - though even in higher fortress levels i still get rooked from time to time on exploration family fragments. the 2s, 3s, and even occasional 4s are so much quicker and easier to get now via runestone giftbox than grrrrrinding at a family flag/landmark and ranking up.

    ps: you know about Liz Hurley being cast as Morgan Le Fay, right? (Marvel’s Runaways season 3 on Hulu)

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    @kiheikid Ohhh yeah. I had been dreading it. I had a huge rant about it in our whatsapp group. And I binged the season and was even more disappointed.

    PSA: don’t associate me with Marvel’s Morgan please and thank you.

    Edit: apologies to anyone who is a fan of hers

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