Don’t put off your Fortress Battles

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I don’t know what strategy everyone uses for including fortresses into their daily play, but I decided to make a post based on my experience and to warn those who may be walking in my footsteps.

I do enjoy the fortress battles in this game, but outside of **** fortresses to find those evasive formidable pixies, doing fortress battles at community day, and doing my daily fortress battle...I never really put much more thought into them.

However, I was fortunate enough to go to FanFest and I found tons of foundables that are most of the time much rarer and I was able to fill tons and tons of my pages...with one exception.

My foundables that could only be found by doing Fortress battles. I walked away from FanFest with 5 pages that were ready to be prestiged, all I needed to do was get my fortress on to get those items and I would be good to go.

But it isn’t that simple. When you use a Care of Magical Creatures Rune you have 4 possible outcomes: winged Abraxan, hagrid’s hut, puffskein, or nothing at all. Doing Tower 1 seems to give me about a 50-60% success rate. However, to get all the fragments I need FOR JUST THIS FAMILY it is about 90 battles!!! Add in the other families, some like Hogwarts and Magical Sports and Games that have 4 items found from fortresses, and we are talking about A LOT of battles!!

I have been battling hours and hours since I got back from FanFest a few weeks ago and I’m still a bit away from completing these pages. So I wanted to jump in here and advise not to put off your fortress battles and have to grind them like me...try to fit some in as you play and enjoy all the aspects of this game.



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    Wow! Check out those fragments! I am challenge rank 58 with 352 fortress battles under my belt, and though our pages look similar, you are by far way ahead with those elusive fragments;

    Looks to me like you're doing well. And I completely agree, some fragments I haven't seen outside of a fortress. Pattern so far appears to be:

    1. Ruin chambers - Books
    2. Tower chambers - Joke Products
    3. Forest chambers - Symbols of the Wizarding World
    4. Dark chambers - Magical Devices

    This is not a hard rule. I will get some of these at lower levels but rare indeed. I also agree that finding the right balance between all the activities is crucial to maintaining a steady forward pace. Leave out one activity and you'll soon discover this on your own.

    As for illusive family fragments, I've been hoping using higher level runestones would bring out more. So far my experience has been less than ideal though I'm not complaining, simply observing.

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    #318 September, 2019, 01:35 pm.

    I'm at challenge rank 72, and my fragment counts are still pretty low. @Overflow4487's look better than mine, aside from a couple. I just need a few more Puffskein fragments to prestige Forbidden Forest and I've managed to prestige Hogwarts Quidditch Pitch to bronze. I'm still quite a long way from being able to prestige any of the other pages that require fragments from fortress drops. I'm done with the fragments for Hagrids Hut, but Buckbeak is my roadblock on that page (6/11). I only have one Accusation Chair fragment @ZookiTabooki, so you're ahead of me on that one! It'll be a long haul, for sure. Based on current progress, it seems like I'll complete the first lesson plan for my profession long before I reach silver frames on any of the more difficult registry pages.

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    #418 September, 2019, 01:37 pm.

    I used the word "long" three times in that paragraph. I must be compensating for my short wand.

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    i am in the exact opposite position.

    1628 fortress battles won / challenges rank 121

    i have been selecting my runes for fortress battles based on what rune i have the most of, and avoiding the ones i already have placed the bonus foundables from fortress battles for. these are sometimes at odds with each other as criteria.

    @Overflow4487 has good advice, and a solid recommendation - dont put them off .

    when i got to fan fest i already had fully placed the fortress foundables for 7 of the families, was still short on magical games and sports, and lets leave oddities out of this because they are...well...odd. (oddities have two objects much discussed in many other threads that come from fortresses).

    what is holding me back is emergency traces, the emergency from each family is my sticking point (games is my weakest family). fan fest got me closer, but not enough to prestige. still working on it.

    fan fest put me real close on some families, some of the pages that take fortress foundables i have now prestiged once, and i am finding myself loathe to use those family runes because i keep getting duplicates of ones i already placed. yeah - good for challenge points but i am also trying to balance challenge points against the families i need fortress foundables for that only come from fortresses.

    right now i can do care of magical creatures at will because i need all 3 again, but beyond that one, i am looking at potentially getting a duplicate in any other family and it makes me really choosy.

    i have...lots and lots of runes. over 20,000 foundables returned. but having the right runes is always an issue, so despite having lots, having the right ones ever remains a fun game to play.

    profile; proof of foundables returned and fortress battle stats

    challenges: proof of challenge level

    screenshot of runes from 3 days ago because not by fortress at the moment. runes only sort by number descending in a fortress chamber rune select screen.

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    #618 September, 2019, 02:14 pm.

    i had a kinda long thing types out - the forums ate it. edited a spelling thing and now it is waiting approval which will never happen, its just flippin gone.

    basic point was - emergencies and rare severe threats may still be holding you back, so it probably is not too late to jump on doing this thing @Overflow4487 very wisely suggests, and still be on an even flow of when it is time to prestige.

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    An example of why this is important is the Community day this weekend. They stated that the time-turners will be appearing on the map more frequently than normal. However, My fortress items will be the ones holding me back from prestiging this page if I get all the time-turners this weekend.

    So I spent a while yesterday working on fortress battles to try and make this more obtainable. If I can prestige on Saturday and keep getting time-turners for my bronze page while they are still dropping pretty regularly, then I hope I can. I want to make the most out of the day.

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    I am extremely sad that when I tried to get the wizengamot accusation chair or the telephone booth entrance, I kept getting (already filled in) Arthur Weasley 😑

    I’m a baby player and I definitely don’t have enough runes to fill out the mysterious objects page. I had hoped that the free bundle would have atleast a couple of mysterious artefacts runestones. And if there is going to be increased sightings of Hagrid’s umbrella, I hope just for the 3 hours atleast, it won’t be a fortress reward and give me a chance to get the other items.

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    I've been thinking about this post... I do a fair number of fortress battles. Or at least I thought I did! It's actually one of my favorite parts of the game. But I don't want to run through all my runestones in a week. And I don't want to buy runestones all the time either. I'm challenge rank 59 for what that's worth. But yeah, same as the rest of you (with the exception of Digitalis and his amazing stats!), the fortress foundables are typically the last thing I need on my frames. The only pages I've prestiged that required a fortress foundable are Oddities I and II. For the Mysterious family, I have 9/15 swords of Gryffindor, 5/15 cursed opal necklace, and 5/15 Sirius' flying motorbike. Out of ~30 battles using that runestone. I have 11 of them left in my vault to use before this weekend. Even if they gave 100% payout, I wouldn't have everything. If I'm lucky, I'll get the sword done, and hope to see more pensieves (need six more) on Saturday to prestige that page. If we had more time to prepare, maybe I could have done something more, although I don't know what. I don't have a mysterious flagged area around that I know of, so I get those traces as I can just like everything else, but that still leaves you with just so many runestones to use in the fortress. Excluding Oddities, it's my third highest ranked family, but apparently that's not good enough given my current dilemma. So, while I will try to use my 11 pink runestones to get what I can before Saturday, more likely than not, I'll just be out trying to catch what I can, and take advantage of the increase in rarer spawns. I need 32 more umbrellas to finish my gold RoR II frame (everything else is placed), and hopefully place the pensieve and timeturner so those are good to go when I eventually get the fortress foundables. And don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining about this at all! I love playing this game, and that's the point right? To enjoy it rather than making it a chore (aka ****).

    After reading all comments again before I post, perhaps those of us who do fortress a fair bit aren't the intended target of the original post... Although it does seem most of us are in the same boat either way.

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    @Dogoutlaw Thanks for your input! I feel the same way. I also felt I had fortresses a fair bit, but then noticed myself getting myself blocked on all my pages and was like “uh-oh...I’m in trouble” kind of like you were just commenting on your mysterious artefacts page. It does seem like we are forced to buy runes in order to get enough for these pages or just allow the page to be stuck for a while. I’m not a huge fan of that, but I can get it in other ways.

    It does seem like a catch 22. We need to level our families to get runes to get the fortress-only fragments. However, it’s a bit hard getting the runes when everything is filled in and I have to start grabbing up duplicates just for family xp.

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    #1120 September, 2019, 05:36 am.

    @Overflow4487 yes, you do have to catch everything! I have reminded hubby of this many times because he’ll often flee on a foundable he’s placed, and I have to tell him to get it for the scrolls and runestones. It’s interesting because on some of my pages, the number of fragments on the severe and emergency foundables are pretty close to the fortress foundable. For example:

    Many other pages are not in sync though, and I realized last week (maybe a little too late😂) , I need to adjust how I play those families in particular.

    I also think I burned through too many runestones on lower levels when I was newer in the game. The lower levels just don’t seem to pay out as much as the high tower and forest chambers do on the fortress foundables. Oh well, lesson learned.

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