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Ok, so I have not actually kept stats, but I would estimate somewhere in the neighborhood of 80-90% of the time I am only getting 3 energy per inn. When the range is 3 to 10 with under 50% of greenhouses yielding energy it is far too hard to collect energy. I would like to see the yields changed so that around 50% of the time (at least) the yield is more than 3 at the inns. Seems only fair. Hey Niantic, how about showing us wizards a little more love????



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    3-10 is for ALL the types of Inns. The different colors have different names and energy amounts.

    Pink - 2-3 - Madame Puddlefoots Inn

    Brown - 2-6 - Ministry Inn

    Blue - 2-7 - Three Broomsticks Inn

    Purple - 1-7 - Butter Beer Inn

    Green - 2-10 - Pub Weasley Inn

    Not 100% certain these are post update amounts but they should be the right ballpark none the less.

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    The minimum for all inns is 3 energy.

    Most of my inns are Madame Puddlefoots and the Three Broomsticks. I have kept stats, I'm averaging 3.15 energy per inn.

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    @WerewolfChaser thank you, I thought this might be pre update but I couldn't find a chart with more current info.

    I primarily see Ministry, Three Broomsticks and Pub Weasley. Guesstimation I average ~6.

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    The ever-so-annoying thing in the Inns is that shuffle... four 10SE meals and one pumkin juice, round and round it goes, and even though you use Accio (terrible manners), you don't get to choose. And find yourself with Pumpkin Juice in the end.

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    Of course you get pumpkin juice. I swear I've turned a light shade of orange, similar to jaundice.

    The big winners with the spell energy update are the city folk. They've gone from 1 energy to 3. Suburban players like me got an increase of approx 15%. Rural players would not have a very significant increase. I doubt they even notice.

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    #712 September, 2019, 01:11 pm.

    Walked into the Emergency Dept yesterday to a group of people talking about Harry Potter. Sadly they were only discussing the books and movies. When I brought up the game the same thing reverberated from each that they liked it but due to where they lived they couldn't restock on energy enough to actually play. Sad part is they live in a popular Ingress and POGO zone. Half of the POIs haven't crossed over and of those they have 1 Inn, 1 Fortress and 4 GHs over the span of 2miles of highway...

    I appreciate the function GHs offer with the ability to grow hard to find ingredients but I've never swiped the potted plants hoping to get a certain ingredient. Maybe we could get them swapped to a Vegetarian menu for the non meat eaters out there!

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    I'm vegetarian. Don't be feeding me no salad though!

    I guess I'm lucky in my area to have most of the pogo sites carry over here.

    I've swiped GH's, sometimes just for the achievement but mostly for spell energy. I used to get a high turnover of energy if my ingredients were full. That seems to have changed now so I just plant.

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    @WerewolfChaser but they seem to have nerfed the greenhouses too! Before ‘1’ yield meant you’d get whatever is the minimum amount of that ingredient if you were to pick it up from the ground. Now it’s literally just one. And SO much spell energy for more!

    On topic, I see three broomsticks and pub Weasley the most, but I have not come across turkey dinner even once. Even before Accio. Max is honeydukes chocolate in pub Weasley or it’s pumpkin juice and whatever is in the cauldron. No bangers and mash, fish and chips, turkey dinner, or butterbeer. Why is that, developers? I’m so not vegetarian, btw.

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    I recently had three new POIs added in my area by a friend who is a high-level Ingress agent. The two that were added on the grounds of my apartment building are both greenhouses, even though there are already four other greenhouses nearby. Another one that was added across the road is a green inn. I now have seven green inns and a few greenhouses I can hit by walking approximately 2.5 km, round trip. Obviously, I have no reason to complain. I have much better spots that are only a five-minute drive from my home but, even without a car, I wouldn't be lacking adequate sources for spell energy.

    The green inns switch up the items being served each hour. There are times when one or two of them are only serving turkey dinners. Most of the time though, there's a mix of any Bertie Bott's every flavour beans, pumpkin juice, Honeyduke's chocolate bars, or turkey dinners. More often than not, when the inn is serving a variety, I'll end up with pumpkin juice. Still not complaining though. I do love all things pumpkin! Yes, I'm THAT person during autumn. I don't know why it ever became trendy to start trashing on those sort of people here in the US, by the way. "Oh my gosh, you enjoy celebrating the sights and flavors of the Fall season?! How lame!"

    Anyway, I highly recommend finding a local friend who is at a high enough player level in Ingress or PoGo to submit new POI requests. Alternatively, you could start playing either of those games and grind away until you reach a high enough level yourself. Hopefully, one day, we'll be able to submit requests through HPWU.

    Providing rural players with the ability to submit in-app POI requests for their area is the best solution to the energy problem in my opinion. Increasing the energy yield would help rural players somewhat, but the advantage held by urban players would only go up in direct proportion.

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    #1113 September, 2019, 04:10 pm.

    @Acumen off topic, but I LOVE autumn!! And pumpkins! I’m with you on that point! 🍁🍂

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