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I think that instead of the strength color or including a new color to differentiated, there should be a beam of light for any foundable that you personally need. It's so annoying have to click fully in to see what it is. Pogo actually shows what it is on the map and HPWU should adapt a similar method. Anyone feel the same? Or have better ideas for it?



  • DubiousAffairsDubiousAffairs Posts: 235 ✭✭✭
    #211 September, 2019, 07:41 pm.

    Within the story, our characters are supposed to remove all threats to secrecy, so we are supposed to return every single one. However, Spell Energy means that it's never going to happen, and boredom at seeing the same foundable dozens, hundreds of times means you don't want to see them anymore.

    I wish that when you have found all fragments of a particular foundable it would stop appearing on the map, it would make more sense.

  • ZookiTabookiZookiTabooki Posts: 580 ✭✭✭✭✭
    #311 September, 2019, 08:28 pm.

    Ranking up families for runestones is my no. 1 priority. I don't discriminate, I return everything I can get my wand on.

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    #412 September, 2019, 01:23 pm.

    Same, @ZookiTabooki. I read a lot of opinions that Player XP doesn't matter, but nothing could be further from the truth. Even if your primary focus is Challenge XP, you need high-level runestones to increase challenge rank at a faster rate. To get high-level runestones, you need to increase exploration family rank. To do that you must return lots of Foundables. Returning Foundables earns Player XP to increase player rank, and every five levels gained makes the Foundables easier to return. It all ties together.

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    #513 September, 2019, 11:56 am.

    My thoughts exactly, @Acumen . That's the logic I follow too: to return as many foundables as I can, increase XP and complete the pages, get high-level runestones, engage both difficult, high-level fortress batlles to complete more pages, and low-level battles to get spell books. In the meantime, keep renewing my stock of potions. Actually, all challenges are aimed at getting those precious red spell books...

    As a solo player, that's the only strategy that works for me. So I don't choose which foundables to return. I return as many as I can, eventually prioritizing a family rank. It is a bit annoying though, I must admit, to keep returning the same foundables over and over, mostly the ones that offer low XP, but ultimately, I'm okay with that. I just love the game! :-)

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    I'm a solo player, but also one who doesn't have easy access to Inns, so my hunting for traces is limited. I need player XP, but I am sick and tired of seeing the same foundables again and again, when others are needed to fill the blanks on the Registry pages(1). Those only found in Forteresses are another latter, but also a pain when your (sometimes level 4 or 5 Runestone) returns no Fragment.

    (1) And opening every single Trace to find those needed isn't good for my phone's battery either.

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