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Good morning everyone,

It is not possible to differentiate on the map between 2km, 5km and 10km portkey.

That would be great, I think it's possible since they did it for the dragon event.

Thank you 



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    Hi @Ank0 , so far there is no way unfortunately of telling what portkey you are picking up. The dragon eggs were special for a count up to decide which dragon we got weren't they? But the idea hasn't rolled over to the usual game portkeys as yet.

    There have been quite a few posts with people asking about this, so msny people would like to see the change where the portmanteaus are identifiable & have posted in app feedback.

    But i think perhaps theres also the idea that not knowing means you pick up a range of distances, you can decide how best to use your gold key (always opening the shortest distances first for max use) and so the randomness means each player is likely to collect a range of awards & be prompted to go the extra distance at times.

    But the pref is individual for everyone isn't it, so whether the devs will make the change in the future we're not sure. Atm tho u cant differentiate between them it's pot luck. Hope this helps 😊 happy hunting!!

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    Thank you for your answer 👌

    We will do it then by chance I generally only have 10 km portkeys except during the event where I have 3 km.

    We'll walk even more! It's good for the feet! 😆

    Have a nice day/evening

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    #411 September, 2019, 06:49 pm.

    @Ank0 I try to only keep one spare portmanteau at a time to prevent over stocking. I think I currently have 2 or 3 completed with a 10km going. Once I get close to finishing the 10km I'll grab another portmanteau. Doing it this way I don't have to sweat being full of standard ones when a Brilliant Event comes up.

    Until we get the update to differentiate them this is at least somewhat of a workaround to prevent having 8 10km Portmanteau holding you back.

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    #511 September, 2019, 10:22 pm.

    i kinda like it being a matter of chance to get specific distance portkeys.

    i have found that grabbing portkeys 3 at a time (3 empty slots to fill) helps get something other then 2km - but not always. still can and do pick up 3 of 2km portkeys each grab.

    i liked the dragon portkeys showing their difference on the map, but i also like the regular ones being random.

    when i was a lower player i wanted to know before i got it and got saddled with it, but as my character has grown i have come to appreciate not being able to pick ahead of time.

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    @CytopeAchen I know that well, I too don't fill the space but my question was to differentiate the portkeys between 2 km, 5 km and 10 km. 😉

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    #712 September, 2019, 10:53 am.

    Copy that @Ank0. Hopefully we'll see it our next Event update.

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    @CytopeAchen i would posit that carrying two extra portkeys with gold key turning in one and five empty slots is optimal. (three total, those two are after the one turning with gold key)

    whatever km one has a gold key in it, keep trading up on one of the two stand-by portmantaeu until one is a 10km, and gold key works the other one.

    that way if you happen to luck into finding a silver key on a monster as loot which happens very infrequently, you have a 10km to stick it in, and you always have a second one ready to stick the gold key in as soon as it finishes the one you are working on.

    the five empty slots let you take advantage of event things that can randomly come upon us with no warning - the calamity is capricious and unpredictable.

    I personally always pick up (usually in sets of three) portmantaeu and keep the line full, but i also walk 10 miles daily for reasons outside of niantic urging.

    might give some thought to keeping three on hand, five slots open as a suggestion.

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