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Firstly- just want to say how completely awesome the events have been so far- all so exciting, even the lead up to them has been such a build & this game is providing such a positive focus for me & I'm very grateful for that!

So in the manner of feedback- im speaking on behalf of quite a lot of people who have commented on posts I've been involved with, esp the recent dragon day event to ask if you could consider changing how the timings of the events work please?

For Community day & the 'day' of Dragons, many people had to miss out for various reasons- mostly for work which i think counts as a double blow!! They have said why can't it be all day? And i know perhaps that would mean that some can then just gain so much xp through that and it would still be unfair on those having to wait til their 8hr shift finishes.

So i was thinking- esp now the trace potion is available it shows its possible to have particular confoundables show for just that person- couldn't the dragon days or other such 3hr events be worked the same in that the persons 3hrs start for example when they've caught their first dragon? Or for community day as soon as they entered a fortress? That way everybody gets just the 3hr window, but it means that literally everyone can take part! So many people were crestfallen at having to miss the dragons & the perks of battle or of extra confoundables & high level threats on the first event.

I will tag here the usual crew so they know I've put the word forward and if those we know who missed out could be tagged by alk of us so that they can add their voice to this that would be great. I really feel for those who missed out and there must be a way around these weekend events to include those who work weekends? Please?

@Acumen @JulieJubz @Herm10neG92 @Overflow4487 @Digitalis @Dogoutlaw @Craeft @Osprey1 @WerewolfChaser @LeFayeofAlbion @Glimmermir @ZookiTabooki @Ginnungagap and also @HPWULOLA who is an amazing admin! Truly! & might be able to help pass this on to the devs?



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    Wow, that's really thinking outside the box. What a great idea. It won't be a popular idea with some as they want to have their group ups. They will have in fighting to agree on a time.

    It should in theory work for everyone though. Even if you're out of town during the event.

    Last year I was out bush camping, miles from civilisation. I logged onto pogo and managed a couple of catches a day. The day we left I realised the other side of the camp area was a pokestop. D'oh

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    A huge advantage to this idea is that it would stop spoofers travelling the globe to participate in community day multiple times.

    I have another post awaiting moderation.

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    For the people that have said they were working or missed out because of the timings etc il tag here if you'd like to add your voice to this & hope there can be changes so everyone gets a chance at events?

    @Chelsbby91 @Nickie73 @Recbutterfly @JudyB @MrOGMiro @RealDJRex @Dobifuzzy and im sure many others. Hope this helps cos the events have been awesome!! 😊

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    @WerewolfChaser yeh thats exactly the situations like out camping & pre-arranged things that would mean if they changed the 3hr slot to when u activate it everyone would be able to have a chance. And globe hopping! I wish lol- how the other half live eh!?

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    I often miss posts I'm tagged in. I think it's because there is no notification if multiple people are tagged in the same post or comment. That's beside the point, sorry.

    Anyway, I agree. I haven't had to miss any of the events because I don't usually work weekends and it's easy to plan my domestic duties around whatever's going on with the game. I'm sure that isn't the case for most players, however. When it comes to major events, like a vacation, it's expected that a person should schedule time off work and make any other necessary arrangements. Should such measures really be necessary in order to receive bonuses or rewards in a silly mobile game? Of course not.

    While it seems like it should be possible for events to begin when a player chooses, I suppose it could be possible that the developer simply can't do that for some reason. I don't know how the events work in Pogo or Ingress, but if those occur only within a specific window of time as well, then I imagine they wouldn't be able to do this any differently in HPWU.

    The other alternative is to make the events last a full 24 hours. Since I was able to farm over 140,000 XP in just three hours during the Day of the Dragon event, I could see why the developer wouldn't want to go with that option either. Maybe they could cap the amount of XP or other bonuses received during an event so users wouldn't reach level 60 and max out all their stats in a single day, but I imagine even more people would complain about that. They'd claim they were able to get more rewards within the three-hour window before the change to make it 24 hours with a cap.

    This is probably just another example of being unable to please everyone. For some players, the game will always lock up or crash because of the model of phone they're using, or connectivity issues. Others may not be able to participate in all the events due to schedule conflicts. A few might have a hard time with traces because they're left-handed. (For the record, I'm left-handed, and I think that complaint is ridiculous. The game isn't harder for me versus a right-handed person. Just stop.)

    Any attempts to satisfy one group will just make another feel marginalized somehow. That said, I don't think it's the developer's responsibility to accommodate everyone's schedule. If it is indeed possible to create events so each individual user could trigger the event to begin at their leisure, then great! If not, I think players just need to deal with it. Here's why:

    Let's say you have a child in elementary school, and that child has a birthday coming up so you send out invitations for a party next Saturday afternoon from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM. Most folks RSVP, indicating whether they'll be able to attend. Some will, some won't, as it typically goes. One upset person writes you a letter stating that your party is discriminating against parents who have to work that day. Their child deserves to eat cake and play party games just as much as any of the other children, so you should make the party last for 24 hours so parents can bring their children at a time that works best for them. Should you feel obligated to do so?

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    #711 September, 2019, 06:01 pm.

    Good ideas,

    I'd also like them to check Niantics schedule and not book and event on ingress first Saturday events or pokemon community days

    Some users are playing all three still

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    Speaking only for myself, I've just resigned myself to the fact this game, and Pokemon Go, are just not aimed at players like myself who have to work weekends. *shrug* The joys of picking a career in retail pharmacy I guess. As a result, I've stopped spending RL funds on these games and no longer stress about completing events.

    I do think "Event/Community Hours" would be far more accurate than calling them "Days" though!

    Edit: oh and I'm left-handed too, and it's never been an issue for me either.

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    @aacacumen, i hear ya! I did say in the original post where i mentioned thd idea & people said that it should be mentioned to the devs - that i wasn't sure in the design or technical side how this would be & it might be that its just not viable for them to do that.

    If so then fair enough, as u say there's always some who will miss out for some reason. I just really thought its a shame that Saturday workers are always missing out & perhaps the devs can think of a way round this, maybe like the fan fest they make it a weekend event and you get to choose either the saturday 3hrs or the sunday 3hrs, but can't do both.

    Anyway, was just popping a post together for all those who were saying i have to miss it again as i always work Sat. Thought it's worth a try letting the devs know & seeing if they can think a workable way around this.

    But i know that it could be it's just too difficult for them to mess around the timings & we get what we're given & be grateful for it- thank you very much!! Lol. Im certainly grateful for the awesome events, & don't personally have any issues with timings. Just giving a shout out for those it affects just in case there is a way around it. But yeh, the game is never gonna please everyone. Hey ho.

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    I’m going to leave an unpopular opinion, but thanks for including me in the conversation @AuroraKadavra. I think for things like community days it will be immensely hard if there aren’t some times set in stone. I can’t soeak for everyone’s experience, but where I play I NEVER see anyone else out playing...but we are obviously out there playing. We just play in different places at different times.

    During the community days, since it was a very set time it was much easier to get people to play in one location and we had 9 people come to the first one, and 8 people come to the second one.

    However, I could see where this would be useful for events like the Dragon Day. There wasn’t much of a community element to it (as part of the event), so something like this would make sense if a button could be pushed to start your 3 hour play session to match a time that fits your schedule better.

    However, for the community days I’m afraid if we extend it to the whole day, we will see the city just like it is today. A bunch of people playing in spread out locations at separate times of the day rarely running into each other. That’s just my opinion.

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    That's a good point @Overflow4487 with the community days cos yeh- it definitely needs to be a set time for people to get together. So not an unpopular response - u are bang on with that. Unfortunately I have yet to see a single person turn up at my local fortresses for these event! Gutted.

    I suppose i was just meaning the rewards element that people have said they are gutted to have had to miss out on- but if we get into- 'if you cant make the daytime slot cos you work then u can activate the timer with 4 other people' so that they still have to get together & arrange a meet up- it gets to the realms of silly for the devs & trying to please everyone which just isnt possible.

    Thanks for commenting on this thread guys, i started it purely cos was mentioned b good to pop the idea in app feedback for those who miss out. Just wanted to put it to the devs if there can b a wsy around the timings, but i did slso say im not sure if that would be a logistical nightmare for them.

    So I've popped the word out & all of your comments help for those affected to see how other perspectives on the game should be considered. Cheers guys 😊

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    I would like to see Community Day convert to a highlighted area surrounding the most active Fortresses, which would additionally illuminate as a Golden Fortress. If the Fortress changed colors 3 days prior, and perhaps a golden feather appeared around your avatar pointing to the nearest one, then it would alert locals to where they would need to plan to be. If the idea is to pull people together perhaps narrowing down the boost areas would help.

    Doing this based off Fortress activity could also allow Niantic to identify and convert the inactive Fortresses to more productive Inns or GHs... If any devs or admins are reading this I believe I speak for everyone in requesting Inns first please.

    I agree with maintaining a set time period, though perhaps and extension of 2-3hrs might increase other players opportunity to participate. I'm one of the unfortunate few to work weekends as part of my regular schedule so I sympathize with the pain of missing events. During Dragon Day I barely got an hour in and the Egg Weekend was one of the busiest weekends I've worked in ages, shelling out silver keys I think I got maybe 8 eggs. Even still, Community Day is about Community, making CD an item or a singular player activation eliminates the purpose.

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