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These are currently the biggest thing keeping players from progressing through their professions. They take fat too long to get. Currently, running solo fortresses at rank 11 Professor takes over an hour, just to earn 2 Spell Books. I takes 1k challenge exp at rank 49 for 2 Books. You are basically forcing people to sit at fortresses for hours on end, just to make minor progress to getting their next skill.

You allow players to change professions at will, but you are forcing people to stick to one profession, in order to be proficient at Challenges. Without the ability to earn enough to boost a secondary profession, you are making it harder to form groups, since most people are going to choose Auror or Professor, due to not being able to consistently find groups to battle fortresses and Magizoologist having too low of damage to be a viable solo profession.

Restricted Books force people to choose one profession as their main, so why limit the skill books and take away the ability to have a secondary profession?

If you so make it easier to obtain skill books, you will need to retroactively award books that would have been earned under any new system as well.



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    #329 August, 2019, 04:37 pm.

    I leave out most of the lesson that involved the spell books. I will conpleted it when i have enough of them, maybe one day. But i still had fun with others that only need scrolls

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    #404 September, 2019, 09:38 pm.

    I'm expiriencing the same issue. I've learned all lesson available to me, I'm missing only the last 4 lines in my tree, always the last 1-2 stages because they cost books. But only for them I need about 270 books. That would need about 1485 challenges completed on lvl 10. That's about 22275 Energie invested. I don't see that reasonable. I'm lvl 33 Magiezoologe and progress in this game is going harder now, I understand that, but why make it nearly impossible to learn the whole class to progress to other professions? I would really appreciate it, if there would be a scaling by lvl or something, so that higher lvl give higher rewards. At least some change in economy.

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    Isn't that close to $400 in coins for spell energy?

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    @Crogabattoir it's almost that if you buy the maximum bunches of coins. But I imagine most people will just get most of the energy by visiting inns. There's no need to rush.

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    They should tie the catches to increasing book rewards as well as tower challanges to help alleviate book shortage while still giving the player value for catches other than scrolls. Both I and my friend are stuck at level 11 not moving at all because no books! The game can be a snooze at times but this is killing us as we sit with 700 plus scrolls can’t advance in power to take on higher chambers and get nothing but more scrolls for catching. If they don’t fix this soon I can see the end in site if playing and giving them my money. I already lost 4 of our team of players as they got bored and said not enough variety of traces as they are the same thing over and over.

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    I also have the same problem, I have hundreds of scrolls but getting the books is hard, and moreso for the restricted spell books.

    I worked out that to get enough books to complete my lessons will take something like another 6-8 months at the current rate!

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    #926 September, 2019, 11:14 am.

    suggestion: how about if players can elect to convert X scrolls into 1 spellbook ? just have to find the right ratio of X:1

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    #1114 January, 2020, 08:44 pm.

    I do think the ability to obtain red spell books is way off balance. When started this game, way back in the beginning (not the beta), it seemed like the restricted books were gonna be what was hard to get as only get from brilliant events. Then tons of brilliant events, first was just one one month,, then started up with 2 a month. Was easy to build up restricted books. I only have like 5 lessons left of my Magi tree. Have already used excess scrolls up on other professions just to get rid of them and am already back up to well over 1500 scrolls. PLUS I have 50 restricted books built up and no more lessons that need them on my profession.

    As a player progresses thru their achievements, you need to do more to go from silver to gold and get awarded with a bit more for getting gold achievement than did for silver.

    So why doesnt the challenge page increase red spell books in any way? It starts taking forever to get just the 2 after you get way up there in ranks on the challenge page. I understand not making it super easy to get but really I shouldnt have to spend an hour or two just to get 2 spell books. As a mostly solo player it is a grind as it is in fortresses. Use up alot of energy doing the higher floors. Luckily the main spot I play has 3 inns with a fortress so isnt too hard on spell energy when I sit and play for an hour.

    Why cant there be an increase every 50 ranks even? Or some other way, besides during events where you can get a few with tasks. One idea would be to have it be a random item you can get when returning a foundable, like you get a key, coin, dark detector once in a while.

    Think also be great if one of the daily tasks became earn one red book instead. I would say it needs to be one like the fortress battle. That one SHOULD be giving a red spell book being that is where we have to play to get them to begin with.

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    #1223 January, 2020, 10:56 am.

    I was wondering if and when there would be more opportunities to earn more regular books.

    I have only 19 more Auror lessons to complete. I have more than enough scrolls; but, I will need somewhere around 300 more regular books.

    With brilliant events, earning enough restricted books is relatively easy; but, it is infinitely harder to earn enough regular books. We’re talking years of play. Why do brilliant events not earn at least an equal amount of regular books, too?

    In terms of play, regular books are much more restricted than restricted books. That’s totally counter intuitive. Why would the common items be more rare than the rare ones? There are dozens of sites with this sort of commentary and no answers except ... just grind away for a few years.

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    #1321 February, 2020, 10:11 am.

    Your algorithms seem to be broken. The instructions say you can find spell books by completing wizard challenges, but in the last 50 challenges (at least) I have not found one spell book. How are we supposed to progress if we can’t find any or buy any?

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    #1421 February, 2020, 10:16 am.

    @Epsom Wizarding challenges provide Challenge Registry Fragments which in turn provide 2 Spell books per challenge registry level up.

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    edited February 2020 #1522 February, 2020, 12:41 am.

    Red books can be acquired consistently...


    It's important to realize this should you be considering a second profession. Also, the forthcoming Lost Love Brilliant Event Part Two will provide an excellent opportunity to tackle Fortress battles thanks to a bonus to potent exstimulo (+1 cast) and healing potions (35%-50% increase to effectiveness) when appropriate images are placed on the brilliant event registry page.

    I've been stocking potent exstimulo potions waiting to take advantage of this kind of event, and the bonus to healing potions will be sweet. Especially for Professors who already sport a nice tank. Now that I am sufficiently skilled, I am really looking forward to finally tackling Dark Chamber V. I'm gettin' ready to rumble baby!

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    #1622 February, 2020, 12:58 am.

    @ZookiTabooki - happy hunting !

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    #1722 February, 2020, 01:01 am.

    Best of luck @ZookiTabooki!

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