Game Update: Version 2.3.0

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Here’s what’s new in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite: 

For all of our players joining us for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Fan Fest in Indianapolis, remember to update to this latest app version so you will be able to experience the event. 

Feature Updates: 

Photo Mode

  • A Photo Mode filter has been added to the Registry. Toggle the camera button to see which Foundables can have their photo taken with Photo Mode.


  • You will now be able to take AR Photos of a Foundable before starting the Encounter as long as 1 of its fragments has been returned to the Registry
  • You will now be able to see the number of fragments you have on a Foundable when you tap a Trace and enter the Encounter. 
  • The confirmation pop up received when fleeing an Encounter has been removed 

Ministry ID

  • You can now see your Wizarding XP from your Ministry ID 


  • The Disable Screen Sleeping option is now available in the Settings menu! This will keep your phone from going to sleep while you play the game.
  • Added Photo Mode to the Flock of Memos Encounter 
  • New Encounters and Oddities have been added to the game! 

Bug Fixes: 

  • Fixed an issue with the Dancing with Dummies Auror skill
  • [Beta players] Resolved an issue that kept beta players from receiving the Redacted Report and London 5 Transcript Mystery Foundables

Known Issues: 


  • The “Download All Assets” feature in Settings may occasionally fail before completing the full download. Restarting the app and retrying "Download All Assets" will pick up from where the download left off.
  • App may become unstable on iPhone 5S devices
  • Player may receive an error if they attempt to add an emoji to their Codename or to their First/Last Name (Ministry ID name)
  • Players may receive a message that there isn't enough space on their device to "Download All Assets", even if there's adequate space available on their device.
  • Players may see the “Network Error” message at various points during gameplay. Checking your network conditions and restarting the app should help resolve this issue.


  • Players can experience an infinite black screen when they complete the Master Notes of the potion, then finish brewing the potion using the Finish Now option. 
  • Recipes may be badged (red dot) when there are no new Recipes to view
  • Rental Cauldron pop-up may become unresponsive if players rent a cauldron, then attempt to brew a potion with a longer brew time than the time left on the Rental Cauldron
  • Players may become stuck in the Potions Tutorial if they tap the ladle before the Tutorial sequence reaches the Master Notes section
  • Potion Brewing Queue slots may disappear after collecting a Potion and immediately attempting to brew another Potion. Exiting the Potions section fixes this issue.

Wizarding Challenges

  • Foes may appear to receive Stamina or have negative Stamina after being attacked or defeated
  • Recommended Grade for Chambers may be displayed in red text if the player’s Grade is equal to the recommended Grade

Ministry ID

  • Players may receive a black screen when switching from the app in Gallery Mode, to take a photo from the device’s camera roll, then going back to the app
  • Players may not see Lenses, Filters, Stickers, and Frames they've chosen previously on their Last Portrait when first tapping the Last Portrait in the Portrait section. When players tap it again, they should see the Last Portrait with all chosen items included.
  • Players may get an error if they leave the app while uploading an image from the Gallery to their Ministry ID Portrait
  • Player’s Portrait may become inverted if they try to take a photo in Ministry ID
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  • KonadaKonada Posts: 10 ✭✭
    edited August 2019 #223 August, 2019, 10:35 pm.

    When will 2.3 be available on the samsung phones? My friends iPhone has it but there is no update available for my Samsung, and I just updated several other apps and re booting phone and app both it is not working either so do we get an ETA, Or do I need to un install and reinstall like last time? Thanks for info.

    (Galaxy S9+)

  • mi7admi7ad Posts: 148 ✭✭✭
    #323 August, 2019, 10:50 pm.

    Tap and hold on your badges under Wizarding Achievements to see a reminder of how you received the Achievement

    This not working. Others very good and thanks 👌🏻👍🏻

  • DiagonAlleyKatDiagonAlleyKat Posts: 12 ✭✭
    #423 August, 2019, 10:57 pm.

    Hi! Are we ever going to be able to buy spell energy in the store again?

  • zandloxzandlox Posts: 1
    #523 August, 2019, 10:57 pm.

    restarting the app should help resolve this issue

    This is allready forced when the "network error" happens.

  • indigosunindigosun Posts: 1
    #623 August, 2019, 11:13 pm.

    I am still experiencing the issue where my title and achievement badges will reset back to blank every time I close/open my ministry id. this has been happening since day 1. really would have hoped there'd be a fix by now...

  • DogoutlawDogoutlaw Posts: 1,928 ✭✭✭✭✭
    #723 August, 2019, 11:18 pm.

    Thanks again for the update!! I'm thrilled about some of these fixes/updates!

    @Zakhi I can't either, but I haven't downloaded assets yet either. I was thinking maybe that was the issue. Have you done that yet?

    @DiagonAlleyKat See here:

  • invsblhuntrinvsblhuntr Posts: 1
    #823 August, 2019, 11:23 pm.

    When is version 2.3 rolling out to Android?

  • BoldantproBoldantpro Posts: 1
    #924 August, 2019, 12:44 am.

    I'd play it but the loading times are horrendous even with downloaded assets. Can this please be fixed? Also needs an adventure sync mode please.

  • NevtanaNevtana Posts: 1
    #1024 August, 2019, 01:07 am.

    Is there going to be a change to the Hogwarts Express port key? That one is so annoying and difficult to use. I just got kicked out, only collected one wrackspurt and the port key was gone. I got no credit of any kind.

    This port key takes the fun out of this game.

  • IbukMuIbukMu Posts: 2 ✭✭
    #1124 August, 2019, 01:56 am.

    How about Dawdle Draught Potion?.. I’ve used it for many times for Severe & Emergency Foundables.. but it didn’t increase any chance.. Only one trace, and they are Gone...

  • RadicaldavRadicaldav Posts: 84 ✭✭
    #1224 August, 2019, 02:57 am.

    The update mentions new oddities but i do not see anything new in the registry. Am i missing something.

  • Tonto02Tonto02 Posts: 1 ✭✭
    #1324 August, 2019, 03:06 am.

    When will there be an adventure sync like there is in Pokemon Go?

  • Herm10neG92Herm10neG92 Posts: 194 ✭✭✭
    #1424 August, 2019, 03:24 am.

    @Radicaldav I think the update was introducing the code for the dragon oddities that are rumored to be coming during fan festival next week. I’m not positive and this may be wrong, but I saw something on reddit that indicated this update contained some of the code preparing for the dragon oddities but it’s not actually going active until Fan Festival. Be on the lookout 👀

  • GlastonEverfangGlastonEverfang Posts: 41 ✭✭
    #1524 August, 2019, 04:25 am.

    Yes! I love this update! There were 3 quality of life updates in this one that I thought to myself the other day, "Man, it'd be great if they fixed these things soon" and boom, here they are. Y'all put fragment counts on the encounter screen, removed the flee confirmation, and allowed us to check what achievement unlocked our badges. However, a note about the badges, I've tapped and held everywhere I can think of and it won't show the achievement associated with an unlocked badge. Where exactly do we have to tap and hold to the see the achievements? Or is this a new bug?

  • cerealkiIlercerealkiIler Posts: 5 ✭✭
    #1824 August, 2019, 04:45 am.

    When will there be a fix for Android 10. Not loading

  • MagusAnimagusMagusAnimagus Posts: 45 ✭✭
    #2124 August, 2019, 06:27 am.

    Not a complaint; just reporting: Downloaded the update and see not too much different except for fragment count in traces (which is really helpful) and disable sleep mode. Cleared cache then tried restarting my phone and got the same result. No changes to Ministry ID, Oddity (or any other) registry page, or badge descriptions. I haven't tested AR because I don't use it. Other than not seeing some of the stated changes, the game plays fine for me.

  • McShmonegalMcShmonegal Posts: 1
    #2224 August, 2019, 06:48 am.

    The game has become incredibly unstable. It freezes every time I click the trunk and even after traces the black screen will sometimes not disappear. When I want to view my Ministry ID it occasionally freezes, too.

    This makes the game unplayble for me! If this won't be fixed, I can't and won't play anymore. I'm very disappointed.

    (Using Android on bq Aquaris X)

  • Herm10neG92Herm10neG92 Posts: 194 ✭✭✭
    #2324 August, 2019, 06:56 am.

    Obviously not a mod, but just gonna go ahead and throw it out from reading the recent comments that there’s clearly an issue with the update on Android devices.

    It’s working great on iOS, but I know that doesn’t do most of you any good to hear. Hopefully this will be addressed soon with so many players affected, because the update has really brought a huge improvement in my game experience. Once there’s a fix I hope the same QOL improvements are seen for you all too.

  • MiSchroeGeestMiSchroeGeest Posts: 4 ✭✭
    #2424 August, 2019, 08:44 am.

    You will now be able to see the number of fragments you have on a Foundable when you tap a Trace and enter the Encounter.

    The confirmation pop up received when fleeing an Encounter has been removed

    Awesome! This is really the most wanted feature for me. Now it's so much easier to focus on the missing foundables.

  • mi7admi7ad Posts: 148 ✭✭✭
    edited August 2019 #2524 August, 2019, 11:03 am.

    @Dogoutlaw No it doesn’t work ;)

  • Cueball9802Cueball9802 Posts: 2 ✭✭
    edited August 2019 #2624 August, 2019, 11:55 am.

    For those of you with Samsung galaxy devices, it is now in the galaxy store to download.

    Also android users experiencing a continued black screen after recovery of a foundable make sure you disable your active ministry photo overlay. It's a known bug that's being dealt with.

  • kindofmagic40kindofmagic40 Posts: 13 ✭✭
    edited August 2019 #2724 August, 2019, 12:33 pm.

    Love these updates but can you plz explain why I'm forever having to replace my new titles I've unlocked back into my ministry Id has its very annoying !! I do not wish to keep on having to set my new titles time and time again !!! Plz fix it has I love ur game but these stupid bugs dont half do my headin has I'd personally prefer u to fix the bugs u have before u roll out new updates etc sorry to say this but it's just how much it winds me up like that stupid red dot that pops up saying u have scrolls and spell books to spend when you've already spent them niantic. Anyway it's nice to hear we have a new update but plz for the love of god can u fix these annoying bugs 1st !! Thank u ps u need to make this friends feature we all have do something better only I'm sure I'm not the only wizards unite player that thinks we should be able to send gifts and message friends within are friends code etc maybe with a global like to this site too I dont know just a suggestion on how to impress your fan base with some update to the friends feature were waiting on no offence

  • WerewolfChaserWerewolfChaser Posts: 648 ✭✭✭✭
    #2824 August, 2019, 01:21 pm.

    Forgive me if it's obvious but it is late, I do have poor eyesight, I'm old (mature) and I have drunk 2 glasses of red wine.

    I have updated my app and I am unable to see my xp on the profile page.

    The only change that is apparent is the no sleep setting.

  • LeFayeofAlbionLeFayeofAlbion Posts: 518 ✭✭✭✭
    #2924 August, 2019, 03:11 pm.

    @WerewolfChaser if you tap your level stamp on your ministry I’d, you’ll see your XP!

    Yah on finally fixing Dancing With Dummies! Can’t wait to do some damage!

    Please fix fix the network error problem soon and also the problem with the app kicking you out far too many times to count.

    I assume the new oddities are the dragons? I read somewhere that (paraphrasing here) they’ll go back to where they came from. I hope this doesn’t mean that the Chinese Fireball can only be found in China and the other dragons wherever they are from. That sounds silly when I write it, but I’m already struggling with location and time limitations on oddities. I’ve only gotten two Fragments of the horned serpent from the few days I was in the mountains and none since. Same with leprechauns.

  • BenTigerBenTiger Posts: 603 ✭✭✭✭✭
    #3024 August, 2019, 04:53 pm.

    When opening/closing any menu (briefcase, ministry, or assignment), the game has a 50/50 chance of completely locking up and requiring you to reload the game on Android. This is a game killer and you are going to lose a lot of Android players, until this is fixed.

  • DigitalisDigitalis Posts: 189 ✭✭✭
    #3124 August, 2019, 06:30 pm.

    removing the confirmation dialog popup when you tap run from trace, combined with the circle around the run icon on the screen, is a super huge and very much appreciated upgrade to interface usability and game fluidity. i cant believe how much nicer, how much time is saved from not having to wait for and confirm the popup. havent missed the run button once since the circle has been around it. very nice, very cool.

    when spell energy is extremely limited and choosing what to use it on matters lots, this interface upgrade makes it like a whole new game. i love it.

    thank you!

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